Energy, Oil & Gas

Energy, Oil & Gas


From the deep sea to the desert, from rigs to fuel retail sites and research centres, BP delivers light, heat, and mobility solutions for a changing world. BP tracks, trades and delivers the world’s energy in real time, at a scale that only a few organisations on earth can achieve.

BP is a global energy business, involved in every aspect of the complex energy system that drives our world. Almost 75,000 BP people work day and night to serve millions of energy customers. Thanks to its reach and incredible human resources, BP is one of only a very few companies equipped to deliver light, heat and mobility on a global scale.

BP operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company finds and produces oil and gas on land and offshore. BP moves energy around the globe. It manufactures and markets fuels and raw materials used in thousands of everyday products, from mobile phones to food packaging.

Address: 11 Rond-Point Robert Schuman BE-1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 22878080

imgBP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Limited Georgia

BP in Georgia has evolved from a few pioneers during its early days in 1996, to a peak workforce of 6,000 employees during BTC and SCP construction, to today’s steady-state operational workforce more than 500 employees.

In Georgia, we operate the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline (BTC) and South Caucasus gas pipeline (SCP) on behalf of two international consortia of energy companies and investors. These facilities are now in their seventh full-year of operation. The BTC and SCP pipelines run side by side for 248 kilometres within Georgia, with two BTC pump stations, gas offtake pressure reduction and metering facilities on SCP. There are a total of 16 block valves and 11 check valves on BTC, and six block valves on SCP.

We also operate the Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP) and Supsa terminal on behalf of an international consortium of energy companies. Three hundred and seventy three kilometres of WREP lies within Georgia, with 27 block valves, four check valves and one check/block valve. It carries oil from the Caspian Sea via the Sangachal terminal in Azerbaijan to the Supsa oil terminal on the Georgia Black Sea coast.

Address: 24, Sulkhan Tsintsadze street, Tbilisi, 0160, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 59-34-00


Total is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company,
as well as a major integrated player in the global solar industry. Backed by nearly a century of history we discover, produce, transform, market and distribute energy in a variety of forms,
to serve the end customer. The company is committed to energy that is safer, cleaner, more efficient, more innovative and accessible to as many people as possible.

With operations in more than 130 countries, our 98,000 employees discover, produce, process, sell and market energy in a variety of forms, all the way to end-customers.

We operate in all parts of the oil and gas value chain, as well as in low-carbon energies. Our success is based on:
• The very fast growth we are achieving in oil and natural gas production (+20% of growth between 2014 and 2017): we started 5 major projects in 2017 and 9 are planned in 2018, integrating Maersk Oil Q1 2018.
• Our Downstream businesses (Refining & Chemicals and Marketing & Services), which generate around $7 billion of cash flow per year and show little sensitivity to movements in oil prices.
• Our strong position as second largest global Liquefied Natural Gas player.
• Our development into renewable power market.

This business model enables us to:
• Give you visibility on shareholder return over the period 2018-2020, with a 10% dividend growth forecast.
• Offer you a dividend yield of 5.5% per year on average over the last 10 years.
• Maintain a solid financial position (ending the year 2017 with a 15.1% gearing – net-debt-to-capital ratio).
• Continue investing in our future growth (15-17 G$ of investment per year).

Address: Tour Coupole – 2 place Jean Millier 92078 Paris la Défense cedex, France
Tel: +33 (0) 1 47 44 45 46
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Infinite Energy

Imereti Wind Farm is located in the region in Georgia situated along the middle and upper reaches of the Rioni river. The terrain is of hilly character, ranging from low to moderate complexity. Wind turbines located on two plato which altitude varies between 940 and 1140 meters above sea level.
420+ mega watts wind farm project in Imereti region, country of Georgia with more than 1.5 bln. kWh power output each year.
Infinite Energy LLC is Specific Purpose Entity (SPE) jointly owned by Austrian Ivicom Holding GmbH having record in the development of several wind projects worldwide and Georgian Consulteam Ltd. having reasonable exposure to renewable energy. Infinite Energy proposes a wind farm project Imereti, inside the Imereti region, Georgia.
Tbilisi based special purpose company Infinite Energy has signed Memorandum of Understanding /MoU/ with Ministry of Energy in Nov. 2015. Since that time, we are measuring wind with top class equipment and proactively investigate environment impact components, including birds, bats and wild nature monitoring, noise and shadow studies.

According to the Main Directions of the State Policy in Energy Sector of Georgia, utilization of renewable
energy sources should be one of the state policy priorities and be developed by means of domestic and
foreign investments. The Company is therefore presenting the commercially and technically viable project
as part of further development of renewables in Georgia.

Address: SINATLE Business Center, #29
47 M. Kostava st., 0179., Tbilisi, GE
Tel: (+995) 790 20 03 22

AE Solar


AE Solar is one of the leading brands in the renewable energy industry, providing high-quality new energy products and services since 2003. The company is proud that in 2017 it have reached the number 3000 in successful installation and commissioning of solar projects. AE Solar GmbH was founded by Dr. Alexander Maier and his brothers Waldemar Maier and Victor Maier in Königsbrunn, Germany.

AE Solar focuses on the manufacturing of photovoltaic modules and selects only the highest quality materials and components. This, together with a world-leading automated production line enables the company to offer a high-quality product at competitive price. Its German engineers are engaged to supervise the production process, testing and ensure each module, from soldering to packaging, meets the highest world standards.

AE Solar has been awarded SNEC Top 10 Highlights 2017, PV Magazine Top Innovation 2018 for Smart Shading Resistant Hot-Spot Free PV modules technology. We are the first company in the world manufacturing poly, mono, double glass modules with this technology.

The technology has been tested and proven by leading PV experts – Fraunhofer CSP institute. AE Solar photovoltaic modules operate safely and smoothly for at least 30 years with the product warranty of 12 years.

Address: Head Office: Messerschmittring 54, Königsbrunn, Germany
Tel: +49 8231 97 826 80
Sales Office
Tel: + 49 8231 92 925 22

Andritz Hydro


Andritz is one of the worldwide leading supplier of electro mechanical equipment. The company’s head office is located in Austria, and its production, service and sales representations represent more than 250 locations around the world

• Global achievements of the company:
• 175 years of experience in setting up turbines design for HPPs
• Worldwide installed and rehabilitated 31,600 turbines – total capacity of 430,000 MW.
• 120 years of experience in the production of electrical equipment
• Sharply improved indicators of individual turbine capacity (increased up to 800 MW)
• Number of emploees – 25,800

The company ANDRITZ has been working in the hydropower sector for 70 years already in Georgia. In Georgia (Andritz brand) and modernized (not Andritz brand) turbines totally generate 675 MW electricity.
In 2013, the company opened its official representative office in Georgia. One of the largest projects in Georgia with the ANDRITZ engagement was the 108 MW Darial HPP that successfully operates today.
The company has installed total of 349 MW turbines in various projects in Georgia and the current projects are planned to install 350 MW turbines.


Address: Tbilisi Business Center, Apakidze Street 11, Apt. 140
Tel: (+995 32) 2 72-87-00


Gross Energy Group 

Company Gross Energy was established in 2007 and since 2009 it operates as Gross Energy Group LLC. Company management consists of successful business leaders, well-known engineers and lawyers. The team members are of standing reputation and have a long and successful experience in the fields of research, designing, construction, monitoring and management. The main activities of the company are engineering-consulting services, which envisage development of any project from conceptual stage till operation; the services include technical as well as legal support and provide full assistance during permitting and licensing stages. Company also provides hydrological, geodetic, geophysical, geological field surveys and offers clients relevant international standards. Considering current market demand, company has extended the services and it has successfully completed several wind farm projects; Company also plans to work on solar power. In addition, over the years company has accumulated considerable experience in environmental and social spheres, which led to further development of this sector and together with international team, Gross Energy Group offers its Clients services in Environmental and Social areas too. Gross Energy Group LLC is one of the leading companies in the local market and it plans to expand on international market.

Main activities of the company are:

  • Multipart evaluation of energy sector, assessment of further development and its influence on economic expansion, environmental and social spheres;
  • Considering the systems of construction, management and financing, for separate sites as well as for the whole energy sector in order to identify the feasibility and duration of functioning of the sector;
  • Preparing designing and normative documents – including technical, commercial, financial, ecological, organizational, social criteria and afterwards its adaptation to marketing conditions;
  • Prepare and expertise the layout of emergency situations, conception of engineering-technical documentation;
  • Engineering and consulting services, preparation of investment proposals and business-plans for construction of hydro-technical, hydro-energetic and water management sites;
  • Social-economic and financial risk assessment and creation of insurance policy;
  • Attracting financial sources for investments, cooperation with local and international financial and public institutions;
  • Company envisions fulfillment of different projects in accordance with the state regulation in order to increase the company activity spheres.

Address: Georgia, Tbilisi Lvovi str. N66
Tel: (+995 32) 2 39-91-60; (+995 32) 2 39-91-50

Clean Energy Group Georgia


Clean Energy Group Georgia LLC is a privately held renewable energy developer, investor and long-term asset manager, owned by Clean Energy Group AS of Norway and ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş. of Turkey.

Namakhvani Hydropower Plant cascade

The 433 MW / 1514 GWh project will be developed by Clean Energy Group Georgia LLC, the company after a transparent and competitive tender process, with 26 companies on the shortlist, three companies submitted bids. After evaluating the bids according to the stated bid criteria, Clean Energy Group Georgia LLC was awarded the right to develop the Namakhvani project.

Construction of Namakhvani Hydropower Plant cascade is planned to start in 2018 under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with ENKA, a leading Turkish engineering & construction company, with extensive international experience in construction. ENKA is currently constructing the USD 500 million BP gas pipeline through Georgia.

Namakhvani Hydropower Plant cascade is crucially important for Georgia to gain energy independence. The plant cascade will significantly contribute to the aim by increasing the country’s electrical generation by approximately 15%, the project will offer improved grid stability and ensure a more stable electricity supply, the construction of the Hydropower Plant Cascade, will create over one thousand jobs during the construction period, with preference given to employing local residents, the project is an opportunity to improve the livelihood of communities affected by the project development, CEGG will contribute tens of millions of Georgian Lari in property taxes to the budgets of the local municipalities. Other positive impacts may come through Corporate Social Responsibility programs in the Imereti region, which will seek to improve the living standards of people living in the project area.

Clean Energy Group Georgia follows IFCs Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability and EBRDs Performance Requirements where appropriate and seeks to be a leading player in the sphere of Corporate Social Responsibility in Georgia.

The company takes a hands-on approach at every stage of the project value chain, from the bidding process, tender preparation, feasibility study, environmental impact assessment study, permits, tender design, procurement and project financing, to construction and operations. The Namakhvani Project will be designed for optimal long-term operations.

Hydropower is a unique renewable energy resource combining low operating cost and flexibility, which is required with a growing share of intermittent electricity in the grid system. The Namakhvani Hydropower Project will increase the electricity generation in Georgia by approximately 15%. Through the storage of water in the reservoirs of the project, it will allow the electricity system in Georgia to operate more effectively and ensure stable supply of electricity to the population.

Renewable energy projects can be a positive force for global, national and local communities. We view electricity as critical to economic development and believe renewable energy projects represent a development opportunity which should lead to sustainable environment, as well as tangible gains for the stakeholders involved.

Address: GMT Plaza 2nd floor, 4 Freedom Square
Tbilisi 0105, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 22-00-51

Hereti Energy


The company is carrying out project works, for construction purposes, with the total capacity: on the river Kabali – 11.6 megawatt and on the river Nino Khevi – 1.99 Megawatt. HeretiEnergy is in the phase of ESEA working fulfillment. The company has signed a memorandum with government, on January 20, 2017 for the period of 10 years, with the guaranteed purchase.

Heretienergy is interested in finding a business partner and project implementation.

Tel: (+995) 595 33-63-94

BEST Elektirk


BEST CONTRACTING focuses on establishing high and very-high voltage electric facilities, in this extent starting from its establishment BEST provides turnkey services of electric substations at varying voltage levels including 500kV, 400kV, 154kV, 132kV and 60kV to both domestic and overseas markets.
Our mission, with our parent company BEST TRANSFORMER, is to provide our services to our clients at the highest possible quality by meeting their specific demands and on-time. In order to accomplish this mission we are providing our electrical contracting services to the markets that we already exist, such as; Iraq, Algeria, Georgia, Kenya, Qatar, Morocco and similar international markets, on a continuous basis, without making any concessions to the working principles we have since our establishment.

BEST TRANSFORMER is the largest independent transformer manufacturer in Turkey

  • Power transformers & Distribution transformers (Oil and Dry Type);
  • Special transformers (arc furnace, reactors and rectifiers, phase shifting);
  • 310 MVA, the World’s largest arc furnace transformer, manufactured by BEST;
  • Up to 750 kV High Voltage Transformers;
  • 1000 MVA BEST high level rating production
  • One of the leading players in transformer markets throughout Turkey, MENA, CIS, Europe and Africa with products installed in 65 + countries and more than 50% of sales to export markets;
  • Customers: T&D utilities, power plants and all types of industrial facilities;
  • Excellent track record of customer reference and country accreditation (Turkey, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Algeria);
  • Two manufacturing sites on 215,000 sq. open areas and 70,000 sq. closed area located in Balıkesir;
  • Solid technical know-how and test capabilities: TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 of Laboratory Accreditation certificate
  • A large team of technically qualified personnel with total number of employees: 1,100 (including 160 engineers);
  • Established in 1966, controlled by Yırcalı family since 1972

Fully owned EPC subsidiary: BEST CONTRACTING (based in Ankara)

Address: Lesia Ukrainka St., Building N3, floor 3, room N4
0105, Tbilisi

Tel: (+995) 591 10-13-14



VA Renewable Energy offers global implementation of the latest innovative technologies for the production of environmentally-friendly, renewable energy sources.

Mini Hydroelectric Stations VA-MHS.

These Stations can be installed in water channels with hard coatings. With certain parameters of water volume and speed, such stations can generate 100 kW/h to 1 MW/h of electricity and more. No dam construction heeded. No dam and reservoir constructions are required.

“Waste to Energy” Plant.

The CBT-P plant is an innovative, flexible, modular plant that can process almost any type of waste; municipal, commercial, industrial, medical, construction and agricultural. Inorganic and medical waste is processed in our special Level 5 Pyrolysis Reactor, while organic substances are processed in Bioreactors. CBT-P recycles

100% Municipal waste and nothing goes to landfill. CBT-P can process old, already buried waste into reliable sustainable source of electricity and other beneficial by-products

Address: 1439 Byberry Road, Huntingdon Valley
PA 19006, USA
Tel: 1-215- 947-5404

OHM Enegry Georgia


ABOUT the company – THE OHM ENERGY was established in 2016 as an engineering service provider. The company has a pro- fessional team of energy engineers, electrical engineers, TIER companies’ busines sdevelopment managers, architects.
More than 50MW of residential, commercial and large scale projects were constructed by The Ohm Energy both in Georgia and Armenia.
In parallel, company makes active steps in green-hydrogen technology development.
VISION of the company- Renewable energy integration in the economy using high standard methodologies, equipment, services and therefore providing efficient, long-term solutions for businesses and investors.

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