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Diverse / Services 


Prospero’s Books  

Prospero`s Books & Caliban`s Coffeehouse is the place you will be delighted to find : English and other language general books, English Language Teaching Books and Used books that are exchanged for an in-store credit.

Besides the books, Prospero`s Books also offers Gifts & stationary and other services like, PBY Membership, Children’s reading Hour, Internet on the site. In the coffeehouse you can sit down, relax and enjoy a specialty coffee and tea drinks, sandwiches, salads and pastries. You are welcome to purchase coffee and tea by weight. Prospero’s coffee is blended and roasted freshly every week.

Prospero’s Books’ mission is to create the environment for the local and expatriate customers to experience the best quality services and products. The company strives to be valuable resources to their customers and help them to benefit from each buy. Its goal is to run the long term-oriented business to the profitable results for the future expansion. Their values are the ethics to conduct the business in professional manner and with such extent that will able Prospero’s team to grow, allow mistakes and learn how to innovate from them.

Address: 34 Rustaveli ave. Tbilisi 0108. Georgia
Tel: (995 32) 2 92 35 92
Mob: (995) 577 91 79 91
Fax: (995 32) 2 92 09 01

32-34 Makhashvili str. Tbilisi. Georgia
Inside of the building of the Hotel ” Betsy`s “
T:(995 32) 2 93 14 04

#1 Vaja-Pshavela Avenue
In the building of National Archive Center
Web Address:


Qaspi Group 

We are manufacturer and exporter of corporate gifts, notebooks, leather goods, accessories & handmade boxes, in addition we are supplier of industrial kitchen equipments for hotels and restaurants. 

Diaries:  We are making awesome handcrafted diaries that you will love.

Corporate gifts:  Wow your clients with gifts, completely customizable handmade boxes, with or without various leather & electronic accessories

Address: Bochorma Str. 29,0144, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 55 08 18; (+995) 592 29 33 88

cm23JTI Caucasus 

We are a leading international tobacco company.

We make and sell some of the world’s best-known brands including Winston, Camel and Mevius. With our 27,000 employees, we are working to grow our business for the long term. We are ambitious, and we care about our reputation. Our goal is to become the most successful and most responsible tobacco company in the world.

Our story began in 1999, when Japan Tobacco (JT) decided to expand its company internationally. Today we do business in more than 100 countries and our employees are made up of more than 100 different nationalities, making us a truly international company.

Address Fl. 7, Business Centre “Pixel”,
34 Chavchavadze Ave., Tbilisi.
Tel: 260 41 12, 260 41 13, 260 41 11

cm19Oriflame Georgia

Founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friend, Oriflame is now an international beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries worldwide. Our wide portfolio of Swedish, natural, innovative beauty products are marketed through a sales force of approximately 3.6 million independent consultants, who together create annual sales exceeding some €1.5 billion.

Around 1.5 billion Euros in annual sales.
Over 3 million Oriflame Consultants.
Operations in more than 60 countries.
Around 7,500 employees.
Wide portfolio of approximately 1,000 Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products
Catalogues distributed in 40 languages.
Global R&D Centre with more than 100 scientists.
Own production units in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India.
Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation.
Corporate offices in Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Listed on the Nasdaq OMX Exchange since March 2004.

Address: fl.2, Business Centre Mozaika, .
61 Agmashenebeli Ave., Tbilisi

Tel: (+995 32) 291 10 64, 291 10 65, (+995 32) 291 10 66
Fax: 291 10 68


Revup started in the US in 2015 as a boutique management and investment firm. Activity is focussed on managing, providing know-how and accelerating business growth at an early stage.
Group is involved in multiple early stage projects in Georgia. Combining new technologies and startup approach with traditional business models allows creating above the average value.
Recent projects in Georgia include recycling and hygiene services company, innovative hospitality project, financial services startup.



AVB Ltd is the leading pro A/V, Broadcasting, Lighting and security systems distributor and system Integrator Company in Georgia. AVB offers an extensive portfolio of innovative, high-quality products, turnkey solutions, services and systems, featuring intelligent functionality and modular concepts that grow with your requirements. Founded in 2007 AVB is a fast growing company. Our strategy is to build long-term collaborations with our customers and partners. With their due support and our strong promotional strategy and efforts, we aim to maximize the potential of our business. We continue to develop and implement outstanding and trendsetting products, and to build impressive projects all over the region. Customers, suppliers and international vendors consider AVB as a professional, high reputed, reliable and flexible partner. AVB represents a large number of well-known leading international companies in Georgia.

Backed by a decade of experience and high professional standards of our partners and team members, we can meet the needs and expectations of our customers quickly and flexibly. Along with equipment distribution and providing solutions, company delivers professional project design, consulting, installation, supervising, aftersales support, maintenance and various other services.

Here at AVB we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to help them meet their exact needs.

AVB team firmly believes in individual approach to every project that we do, no matter large or small, to achieve the best possible results.

Address: 174 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, T’bilisi
Tel:   +995 0322 550333
Fax: +995 0322 550333

Wine Diamond

Let us introduce Tamar Abuladze – Georgian entrepreneur and founder of brand – Wine Diamond.

Her job and education are directly linked to wine, therefore she is interested in everything that involves wine and winemaking. Tamar has decided to create completely distinctive and unique wine-themed accessories that have no analogues.

Wine Diamond is Georgian brand, which makes extraordinary product – jewelry made from the highest-grade silver and wine crystals. It was founded in 2021 during pandemic.
We had to overcome many obstacles, before reaching the desired result, as every experienced winemaker would convince me that it was impossible to make jewelry out of the wine crystals. This obstruction and a great desire to bring my idea to fruition gave me somewhat an invisible strength and after several unsuccessful attempts, we were able to make beautiful and most importantly, natural colored jewelry from a wine crystal.

What is a wine crystal?
These little crystals that oenologists call Tartrate, wine enthusiasts – wine crystals and some – wine diamond, in fact are potassium salts of wine acid. Wine/Tartrate acid is the kind of acid that is found naturally in all wines, created by grapes, and it generates the structure, balance and aroma of the wine. These crystals are being produced in Kvevri (Georgian traditional vessel for wine keeping), bottle or barrel, while the temperature of the wine falls drastically. They remind us of diamond crystals. Sometimes they appear on the bottom of the dish, sometimes on the plug and they never dissolve in wine. Similar to wine acid, Potassium as well, is found naturally in wine. It is very healthy element and richer the wine in Potassium, the healthier the wine is. As for the color of a wine crystals – they obtain shades from wine pigment called Anthocyanin. The color of the wine is the same as the hue of the wine crystals. For instance: Rkatsiteli – is of a yellowish tone, whereas Saperavi – is dark purple.

Our mission
We believe that besides creating things, a brand should be source of intangible wealth and goodness. For that reason, we have three important missions:
1. To give immortality to the harvest of the year of which wine stone is placed in our jewelry.
2. Give 3% of the value of our every item sold from Facebook to Hospice – Peristsvaleba, organization that helps elderly people who live alone and those with terminal illnesses.
3. Introduce Georgia to the world and Georgian vines and wine, which has about 500 endemic grape varieties and a history of 8000 years.
Our creations are successfully sold both in Georgia and abroad. Each comes with the branded packaging and passport that tells the story of us and the wine crystals.
Wine Diamond is an unforgettable gift that will make wine enthusiasts, as well as lovers of beautiful and unique jewelry happy.

Georgia is homeland of wine!

Tel:  +995 577000905


The company “Acoustico” was founded in 2014. This was the period when there was no company specialized in the field of acoustics in Georgia.

From the very beginning and from the very first day of its establishment, the goal of our team was to make a significant contribution to the development of the field of acoustics across the country.
Considering the results achieved, we can say that the company is on the right path of development, Akustiko is a leader in the local market and competes with acoustic companies from neighboring countries.
The company’s leading specialists regularly participate in international conferences, seminars and trainings in the field of sound insulation and internal acoustics. The company has also been the organizer and host of numerous acoustics conferences and trainings. The project team has full competence in this field and most importantly quite a lot of practical experience.
The success of the company is due to the fact that during this time the team independently managed difficult and responsible projects, was never dependent on the acoustic design companies of another country and their resources, which usually in the case of other companies is reflected in the quality, price and timeliness of services.

Why Acoustics?

Acoustics are often associated with concert halls, sound recording studios and the Philharmonic, but its need covers a wide range. There is a large list of sectors where noise and / or vibration problems may be relevant.


• Sound insulation measurement works, design and consulting, sound insulation works between the spaces in the storeroom;
• Internal acoustic design of the store, acoustic measurement works, acoustic design and consulting, installation of acoustic technologies;
• Vibro-insulation, design and vibro-insulation works of technical equipment;
• Exterior noise measurement works and studies, design and consulting, sound insulation works;


✓ Living spaces;
✓ Internal and external technical noise (chillers, generators, etc.);
✓ Educational and medical institutions;
✓ Office spaces;
✓ Conference halls;
✓ Concert halls, theaters, studios and other professional spaces;
✓ Other public and private spaces where the problem of acoustics, noise and vibration may be relevant;

Address: Shalva Nutsubidze Str. #93, Tbilisi
Tel: +995 598 744 233

Imereti Agro Zone

By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, LLC, “Imereti Agro Zone” (IAZ) is implementing a
Greenhouse Cluster Development project on the 220 ha land plot in the Imereti region.
According to the project concept, Imereti Agro Zone will develop all the necessary infrastructure on the existing plots, which are essential for greenhouse operations.
The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project offers interested parties the opportunity to invest in the project through various possibilities: Greenhouse, N(N)LE “Horticultural Training and Demo Centre” (HTDC), Collecting Logistics Centre (CLC), Ancillary Businesses, Asset & Overall Management, and Agro Energy and Utilities (AEU).

Address: Sandro Akhmeteli St. 10a, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: 1501/ +995 032 2470101