Construction & Industrial products

Construction & Industrial products


HeidelbergCement is a leading brand on the Georgian cement market. The company supplies cement and concrete to almost every major construction project in Georgia. Moreover, HeidelbergCement is the only clinker producer in Georgia. In 2008, HeidelbergCement established the company HeidelbergBeton Georgia Ltd and began concrete production. The company expanded rapidly and opened plants in East-West of Georgia.

Today, HeidelbergCement Georgia is a leading brand on the Georgian building materials market, running 3 integrated cement plants in Ruatavi (2) and Kaspi, 1 cement grindling mill in Poti, 1 cement terminal in Supsa and 12 stationary and mobile concrete plants in different regions of Georgia.

Until now, HeidelbergCement AG has invested over 200 million Euro in Georgia primarily by modernizing existing cement plants and expanding in the concrete and aggregates business lines.

Our products are used for the construction of houses, infrastructure, and commercial and industrial facilities, thus meeting the demands of a growing world population for housing, mobility, and economic development.
HeidelbergCement offers a wide range of high quality products. Our core activities include the production and distribution of cement and aggregates, the two essential raw materials for the manufacture of concrete.
Our core products cement and aggregates (sand, gravel, and crushed rock) are generally homogeneousbulk goods. Their product characteristics are standardised in order to ensure the required stability, reliability, and processability in the application.

Address: 21 Kazbegi ave.
0160 Tbilisi, Georgia

Marketing & Communication
Phone: (+995 32) 2 47-07-07

Cement Sales
Phone: (+995 32) 2 47-47-47 (ext. 107/109/132)

Concrete Sales
Phone: (+995 32) 2 43-64-36

Phone: (+995 32) 2 47-47-47


14256583_2087738914783766_1569265819_nPOLIMERI 1

The company was established in 1985 as a the cooperative “Polimeri”, but since 1995 to the present day we operate as a limited liability company “Polimeri”.
In 2009 Ltd. “Polimeri1” was established on the basis Ltd. “Polimeri “.
The company owns a factory which produces the polyethylene pipes with European quality for water and gas lines, from 20 mm to 630 mm (incl) . Innovative technologies, as well as high qualifications and expertise of company’s staff gives product additional guarantee on quality.
In 2016 the company was awarded on National and international laws related to ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.
From 2017, the organization has expanded its production and start produce “corrudated” pipes for sewage and drainage system including (DN/ID-63 – DN/ID-800).

We have 32 years of experience and highly qualified engineers and technical staff. The company owns high-quality modern technologies. With curling of high-diameter (20 mm to -140 mm) pipes , our customers get 5 times less flow rate in time and financial terms during the working process .The company also produces the European quality pipes, with exploitation period of 50-55 years.
Polimeri seeks co-operation with factories which provide plastic pipes.

Address: Fonichala, Vagzlis str.#15a. Georgia, Tbilisi,
Tel.: (+995 32) 2 40-30-19; (+995) 599 99 35 35


AXIS as a real estate development company has been operating on Georgian market since 1998. From the very beginning AXIS entered Georgian real estate market by offering innovative and unique architecture, engineering and high-quality construction products. As a pioneer of the real estate industry Axis introduced and established in Georgia term “development” which nowadays is well known and broadly used. The company was the first who entered the market with series of first multifunctional complexes in Georgia, offering unique services to the customers.

As a next stage of development AXIS initiated unique real estate development project – AXIS TOWERS. Project itself is remarkable among other Axis Projects due to its size, architecture and multifunctionality of the building. After completion project will become a landmark of the Capital.

Up to now, AXIS developed up to 40 projects, meaning 625 000 square meter of construction area. The Company mission is to establish high standards of living through development of infrastructure and using new technologies, creation of recreation areas and enlargement of surrounding streets. Due to all the above-mentioned factors AXIS has been retaining its leading position on real estate development market in Georgia. 

Address: Al.Kazbegi Ave N24, Tbilisi
Tel: (+995 032)  2 24-17-17

Area Group

Area Group provides professional business consultations and services for Real Estate Market Representatives in Georgia. As a strong business and strategic marketing consultation company, we support real estate development companies and investors to find attractive business opportunities in real estate sector by offering market researches, determining investment potentials – lands and feasibility studies up to projecting, strategic business and marketing planning. We ensure our partners to enter the market with attractive brand name on the base of long term marketing planning, forecasting and result oriented communication strategy with right target audience.

Our company welcomes businesses and investors interested in investment opportunities, market positioning and market niche acquisition on Georgian Real Estate Market.    

 Address: 11 Afakidze str, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995) 555 93 20 05; (+995) 599 96 57 75

Best Elektrik

BEST Contracting focuses on establishing high voltage electric facilities and provides turnkey services of high voltage electric substations at varying voltage levels including 500kV, 400kV, 220kV, 154kV, 132kV, 110 kV and 60kV to overseas markets.
BEST Transformer is the largest independent transformer manufacturer in Turkey
• Power transformers & Distribution transformers (Oil and Dry Type)
• Special transformers (arc furnace, reactors and rectifiers, phase shifting)
• 310 MVA The World’s largest arc furnace transformer manufactured by BEST
• Up to 525 kV High Voltage Transformers. 1000 MVA BEST high-level rating production
• One of the leading players in transformer markets throughout Turkey, MENA, CIS, Europe and
• Africa with products installed in 65 + countries and more than 50% of sales to export markets
• Customers: T&D utilities, power plants and all types of industrial facilities
• Excellent track record of customer reference and country accreditation (Turkey, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Algeria)
• Two manufacturing sites on 215,000 sqm open area and 70,000 sqm closed area located in Balıkesir/Turkey
• Solid technical know-how and test capabilities: TS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 of Laboratory Accreditation certificate
• A large team of technically qualified personnel with total number of employees: 1,100 (including 160 engineers)
• Established in 1966
• Fully owned EPC subsidiary: BEST Contracting (based in Ankara/Turkey)
In Georgia; the Consortium of BEST Transformer & BEST Contracting companies have already successfully accomplished the construction and commissioning of Marneuli 500kV new Substation from the greenfield and also Extension of 220/110kV Substation Marneuli and Power Transformer Replacement in 220/110 kV Menji Substation, ADB Regional Power Transmission Enhancement Project, ADB Loan No 2974 GEO (SF) in 2016

BEST Contracting, with our parent company BEST Transformer, provide services to our clients at the highest possible quality by meeting their specific demands and on-time. To accomplish this mission, we are providing our electrical contracting services to the markets that we already exist, such as; Iraq, Algeria, Georgia, Kenya, Qatar, Morocco and similar international markets, on a continuous basis, without making any concessions to the working principles we have since our establishment.

Address: Lesia Ukrainka Street, Building N.3 Floor.3 Door N.4
0105, Tbilisi
Tel: (+995) 591 10 13 14


TEDEX is oil and lubricants Production Company in Poland; it has been manufacturing lubricants under its brand for over 20 years. The official subsidiaries are opened in Ukraine and now in Georgia. Georgia is the new opportunity to get closer to direct customer segment – as individual consumers, the same established and newly developing businesses. 
Among TEDEX customers are: Batumi Port, Kulevi Port, Company “GeoSteal”, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Ministry of Finance of Georgia, Rustavi City Transport, United Water Supply Company of Georgia, Special State Security Service, Ministry of Defense.
Economically stable, established European brand TEDEX joins main challenges of contemporary international business – customer orientation, social responsibility, total quality control, innovation. Our potential customers need immediacy, underlining individualism and social interactivity. TEDEX serves all three directions. The team is motivated and committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Tedex products received positive feedback from a wide group of oil users: owners of passenger cars, service stations and major public transport, industry, construction and agriculture customers. Excellent quality of raw materials, modern technologies and our high class specialists familiar with a so-called ‘oil kitchen’ and actual oil market demands guarantee perfect oil performance.

Address: C. Dadiani Str. 7 /Room A 415
Tel: (+995) 598 45 62 71
Social Media: Facebook


Manufacturer of railway and tramway locomotives and rolling stock.

Address: #30 Tsotne Dadiani str. Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 2 95-69-61

cm14Rustavi Steel LLC

In 2011, Rustavi steel LLC was established to acquire the assets of the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant. Rustavi Metallurgical Plant one of Georgia’s largest industrial enterprises, is situated 30 kilometres to the south of Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. The Plant is the largest metallurgical complex in the entire Caucasus region.
The Rustavi Metallurgical Plant was founded in 1948 as the first fully integrated metallurgical complex in the South Caucasus and produced steel, hot-rolled seamless pipes and various products made of pig iron, aluminium or iron. The Plant produced seamless pipes to meet the requirements of the oil fields of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and the Middle East.
Today, the Plant’s new management and owners are embarking on a major programee of investment and re-structuring to re-establish the company in regional markets, and expand into new global markets.
The Plant is operating successfully and is manufacturing reinforcing bars, seamless pipes, square billets, pig-iron castings, metal constructions, mechanical parts, shaped castings, granulated slag, silicon-manganese, lime and limestone.
To strengthen its market position, management’s first task is to increase the Plant’s production capacity. A systematic modernization and re-equipment programme is underway, new technologies are being introduced, training of young employees with the help of experienced professionals, has been given a priority.
The Plant currently exports to the European Union, US, Russian and Middle Eastern markets as well as to Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Rustavi Steel LLC employs over 1,300 people.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant systematically implements innovative decisions – whether introducing new technologies, managing business processes or producing innovative products.
The main priority of the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant’s corporate vision is to strengthen the Plant’s position on both the local and international markets by producing high-quality products.

Rustavi Metallurgical Plant produces:
• Reinforcing Bar
• Square Billets
• Seamless Pipes
• Pig Iron Blocks
• Limestone
• Mechanical Parts
• Shaped Castings
• Steel Constructions
• Granulated Slag
• Ferro-alloys

Address: 12 Gagarini Str., 3700 Rustavi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 60-66-99, (+995 32) 2 49-22-33
Fax: (+995 32) 2 60-66-99 (3030), (+995 32) 2 49 22 33 (3030)

13246052_2019396191618039_628987017_nThe Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company – Founded in 1897 by Herbert H. Dow in Midland, Michigan. The company combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress, Delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 180 countries. Dow Chemical Company Manufactures more than 6,000 products at 201 sites in 35 countries across the globe, Employ approximately 53,000 people worldwide.


Phone: +1 989-636-1000 (Toll Free: +1 800-331-6451)
Fax: +1 989-832-1456


Biochimpharm is founded on a scientific and technological basis of Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, which had been providing all of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with phages for fifty years. The company is drawing on one hundred years of accumulated experience in research and manufacture of phages.

Biochimpharm is one of the world leaders in the field of bacteriophage technology.

The experience in the field of bacteriophages, accumulated during the Soviet period, is maintained within the enterprise. From the very beginning, basing on traditional preparations, Biochimpharm team has been researching and elaborating new forms of medicine, such as liquid, spray, capsule and tablet; also, creating new, innovative preparations for overcoming emerging diseases caused by resistant bacterial pathogens.
Biochimpharm products are present on local and export markets. On all of them, its products are distributed in pharmacies, with no prescription required. Biochimpharms is ISO 9001:2015 certified company, holding a diploma of ecology and safe technology of the EU. Apart from other achievements Biochimpharm is a winner in “The Leader of the field 2015” nomination of National Business Ratings Union. The company was also prized as “The Innovative Business 2016” at Georgian Business Awards.
Biochimpharm applies phage technology for secure life and health. Its mission is to eradicate irrational use of antibiotics and overcome resistant infections. Phages eliminate bacteria, doing so with extraordinary accuracy, without damaging anything else.

Biochimpharm is a biotechnological company engaged is research development and commercialization of phages. For decades, we have been deploying bacteriophage technology to create natural, safe and effective preparation. Nowadays, phage preparations are the only viable alternative to antibiotics. Our products are effectively used for treatment and prevention of infections caused by resistant bacteria, including Methicilin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Unlike other antimicrobial preparations, such as antibiotics, phages selectively eliminates disease-causing bacteria without harming the beneficial microflora of human body. Phages do not have any contraindications or side effects, such as adverse effects on liver and kidneys, dysbacteriosis and other problems ensuing form antibiotic use.

Phone: (+995 32) 2 24-47-78
Address: Tbilisi 0160, Gotua st. #3

img9Universe Business Group

Company engaged in the production, purchase and service. Our activity covers:
1. Manufacturing of construction machinery and accessories, purchase, sales and services.
2. Pumps – designing, purchase, sales, installation and service.
3. Generators and solar panels – purchase, sales, installation and service.
4. Container, Bio-Tualet, Shower cabin
5. Work-wear and safety system – production, purchase and sales.
6. Agriculture tools and machinery – purchase, sales and service.

We are looking for new partners from: 1. Construction machinery and accessories manufacture; 2. Pumps manufacture; 3. Generators and solar panels manufacture.

Address: 21 Aleqsandre Tsulukidze Street,
Vazisubani, Tbilisi 0190, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 2 45-73-60
Cell: (+995) 577 41-55-60

Hexagon Composites

Hexagon Composites Group is a globally leading supplier of composite pressure cylinders for gas applications. Hexagon Composites ASA is a publicly listed company with its headquarters in Aalesund, Norway. In 2016, the Group had sales of NOK 1 221 million to customers world-wide.

Hexagon Ragasco, the major operating unit within the Low-Pressure business area, is the world’s leading producer of composite LPG cylinders. A pioneer in the industry, it has sold around 12 million cylinders worldwide in the last 16 years in over 75 countries.
The Company continues to build partnerships in new regions to help gas businesses increase customer loyalty without compromising on safety. The company’s unique composite cylinders deliver clear advantages over traditional steel alternatives in the form of significantly lower weight, no corrosion, translucence, increased safety and user friendliness.
Production is carried out in modern, highly automated facilities located in Raufoss, Norway.

Hexagon Composites is a global market leader in lightweight composite cylinders for the storage of gases.
It offers High-pressure CNG cylinders for vehicles and bulk transport such as Hexagon Lincoln, Hexagon Raufoss and Hexagon xperion, as well as Composite LPG cylinders for households catering, leisure activities and forklift trucks, such as Hexagon Ragasco.

Hexagon Ragasco AS
Address: Raufoss Industrial Park B306
P.O. Box 50, 2831 Raufoss, Norway
Tel: +47 61 15 16 00
Web page: 
E-mail: Europe –
Russia and CIS –



IDC Ltd is an engineering company Incorporated in 2002. Activities of the company include investigation, design, construction and construction supervision of the structures such as residential houses, public buildings, industrial facilities, roads, water supply & sewer system, hydro power plants, erosion & scour control.
Since establishment, IDC Ltd is committed to delivering the highest level of services to the clients. IDC Ltd uses practical methods to meet specific needs of each project and is proud of its list of satisfied clients and repeat contracts. Since the day of establishment, company has accomplished hundreds of projects under international and local client requests. IDC Ltd carries out all projects in accordance with international QA/QC and HSE standards.
IDC Ltd is cooperating with the clients upon principles of fairness, honesty and integrity. Company’s streamlined and efficient approach allows accomplishment of the client goals.

Participation in various engineering projects in Georgia together with foreign companies, such as investigation, design, construction and construction supervision of residential houses, public buildings, industrial facilities, roads, hydro power plants, water supply and sewer systems, erosion & scour control. 

Address: 5 Rostevani Street, Didi Dighomi, 0159 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel switchboard: (+995 32) 2 21 00 48/49/50
Tel mobile: (+995) 599 50 38 15
Fax: (+995 32) 221 02 47


Ltd. “DIO” was founded in 1996. “ The company has a fairly long value chain ranging from raw material selection, import, warehousing, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service to. customers have the opportunity to create comfort and innovation at home and abroad.
DIO produce PVC an aluminum windows and doors also shading system for exterior and interior design.
Today the company owns: Enterprise, Show Rum, 5 Branches: Tbilisi (Digomi; Saburtalo), Telavi, Kutaisi, Batumi and well organized dealer network that is widely represented throughout Georgia.
DIO” introduced the quality management system ISO 9001:2008; In 2017, “DIO” received a quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015 according to international standards.

Address: 12th km D. Agmashenebeli Alley, Parsadani Str. N 3
Tel: (+995 32) 2 36-11-12

Rustavi Steel Company Co. Ltd

“Rustavi Steel Corporation Company” LTD produces construction fitting. The enterprise has been established by Chinese investment and at the same time is a project beneficiary of “Enterprise Georgia”. The total investment of a Company is several million GEL and tens of people are employed. Since 2014 the Company successfully operates among  metallurgy enterprises and modestly contributes to the development of Georgian economy.

The Company plans to widen the production and carry out number of projects. 

Address: Gardabani, Vill. Aghtaklia, Georgia
Tel: (+995) 591 00 54 54

ATR Caspian

ATR Caspian Business unit is based in Baku and has a Permanent Presence In Georgia.
Our nearest business unit to Baku is in Kazakstan and our Head office is in Aberdeen Uk
We provide power, lifting, tooling and subsea solutions to a range of markets around the world.
At the same time they handle the certification and inspection requirements across thousands of individual assets.
Whether it’s offshore, marine and subsea, onshore operations or renewables, our assets and expertise support the successful delivery of projects – time and time again.
That’s because our business units work to simple ATR principles: right first time, on time – every time.
With the right tools, plant and equipment available – as they’re required – you can meet your project execution goal of completing on schedule and within budget.
By focusing on customer priorities and delivering cost-effective packages, we’ve become established as an integrated supply chain partner to over 1,200 companies around the world.
Our highly experienced and knowledgeable people manage the fleets of some of the most logistically diverse companies in the sectors we serve, supporting complex operations in tough operating environments.
ATR’s success story is based not only upon our recognition of the right people, assets and infrastructure as our core business strengths, but upon investing in them. It’s a strategy that underpins our position as a leading player in our specialist field, and will continue to do so.
Let us apply our resources and technical expertise – to solve your owned equipment and rental equipment challenges.

Address: Salyan Highway 28/ 30 Km, Baku Azerbaijan
Tel: (+994) 12 44 77 020

Tam Management

Our company was founded in 2015 by Tbilaviamsheni (Tbilisi Aviation Factory) management group and operates in the same factory area.

It is comprised of highly qualified personnel (designers, engineers, technicians, workers) with multi-year experience in aviation, which ensures manufacture of products of high technical difficulty, quality, modern standards and requirements as well as service delivery guaranty.

The main activity of the company is to design, manufacture, repair / overhaul, modernization, maintenance service, etc. of military and civil aviation products, special equipment, spare parts.

In order to ensure a successful start-up and development, the company carried out full recovery/ reconstruction / repair works of outdated/obsolete assembly plant delivered in possession of the company as well as equipped with machines, improved laboratory and design service (with full software provision).

The assembly workshop meets internationally accepted and law-stipulated norms for the same type of industrial infrastructure in relation to technical safety (including seismic resistance, fire safety), as well as workplace safety, safe environment for life and health of employees.

The company management system is based on the best practices of corporate governance, the quality management standards are introduced. The company holds international certificates of quality assurance – ISO and EN.

The company, in the framework of international contracts, carries out repairs of air-to-air R-60 and R-73 type missiles,  Mi-8/17/24/35 type helicopters repair and  repair / overhaul / update of Su-25 type military fighter aircraft.

In addition to the main strategic projects, using the engineering and technical knowledge and experience, the work is underway and the main works are implemented in the development of new projects and innovative technologies, namely:

  • Business-aviation direction – 9-seat business jets manufacture and certification
  • Start production of unmanned aerial vehicles (intelligence complex)
  • Start production of aviation parts from composite material and etc

Address: 191, Monk Gabriel Salosi Ave., 0144, Tbilisi,
Tel: (+995 32) 2 70-00-57

Golden Tower

Golden Tower Trading & Contracting (GTTC) is a multi-disciplinary construction & engineering services company providing consultancy, project & construction management, planning & estimation, drafting & surveying, execution works in all aspects of structural & civil construction, MEP, architectural & fit-out, ICT infrastructure and ELV / RES solutions. Aside from the aforementioned services and solutions, GTTC also provides the full breadth of high quality structural steel services. Since its inception, the company has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service, on time, and at practical cost-effective solutions.

Golden Tower LLC already invested in Georgia 3 000 000 USD investments. The company values are completely harmonized the European Values. The company decided to make long term developments in Georgia, which includes making more investments.


Address: Executive Office – 7th Floor, Barwa Tower 1, C-Ring Road,
Al Sadd Area, Doha, Qatar – PO Box 9217
Phone: +974 4450 8659
Fax: +974 4450 8673
Mob: +974 3326 7280



Aqualia is the water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC (51%) and the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors (49%). The company is the fourth largest water management company in Europe and the ninth in the world in terms of population served, according to the latest Global Water Intelligence ranking (March 2021).

It currently serves nearly 30 million people in 18 countries: Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, Mexico, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Georgia, and Peru. In the financial year 2021, it had a revenue of 1,170 million euros with a business portfolio of more than 15,000 million euros.

The work of its multicultural and multilingual teams seeks solutions for efficient water management, focusing on the circularity through Innovation and cutting-edge technology. The company is one of the reference players in terms of know-how and technology transfer to the public sector through PPPs. This is only possible thanks to its global expertise but also to its local commitment to the needs of the territories.

Arcon Development

Construction & development company “Arcon” was established in 2010 and operates in two directions: “Arcon Construction” provides the carcass construction services for it’s partner development companies, “Arcon Development’s” field of activity is the construction of upper-middle and high class multifunctional residential projects in the main districts of Tbilisi and Batumi. Since its establishment, the company has completed construction and development works of over forty building of different functions.
The company is staffed with highly qualified employees, whose professional experiences enable every project to be of high quality and completed in a timely manner, and the client to receive the desired result.