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International Maritime Group Ltd. announces that the company will begin operating under a new name and will be known as Nautica LLC, effective immediately. This rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its fresh vision. Along with this, a newly redesigned company logo has been adopted and a new website is planned to launch in November which will prominently feature the company’s focus on innovations and new online platform. The company’s ownership and staff have not changed.

CEO, Dias Jalagania stated “2020 marks an important point in the evolution of the company. We are very excited about the introduction of our new company name and logo. Our leadership team believes it was appropriate to rebrand the company to better represent our business to our clients.”

Nautica LLC is a crew manning agency based in Batumi, Georgia, with 12 years of experience providing top class manning services to the leading ship managers. As of May 2019 Nautica LLC is a full member of INTERMANAGER, an International Association of Ship Managers that aims to improve standards in ship management industry.

Our database consists of qualified seafarers of all ranks certified in compliance with STCW-95 Code.
According to Ship owner’s request we can provide either complete or partial crews on a short notice!
We offer:
• Full Crew Management
• Crew search and selection
• Pre-employment screening including interviews, psychological assessment, certificate verification, sea service verification, reference check.
• Crew assessment (English Language ISF standard tests, Professional tests – /Seagull CES, Owner’s internal professional tests)
• Pre-Joining trainings arrangement
• Flag State docs handling
• Visa handling
• Travel arrangements
• Payroll solution

Address: Kldiashvili Str. № 25 Batumi, Georgia
Tel: +995 596 270007
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Eastmen Georgia

Eastmen Georgia Group recruiting people who wants to work in EU as a truck driver or other positions.
Eastmen Georgia guarantees truck drivers to receive official employment in Europe in our transportation companies, upon completion the academy trainings.
Eastment Georgia Academy recruits and trains drivers with C and C+E driving license, that gives them best skills to be suitable for Europe and its regulations.

Address: Omar Khizanishvili St 17, Shopping Mall “Sky Plaza” #122
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +38 050-265-2020
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Maritime  School  ANRI

Batumi High Maritime Engineering School ANRI, LLC (BHMES ANRI) includes Maritime Training Centre, Maritime College (Maritime High and Vocational Education) and Career Centre.
A subject of activity of BHMES ANRI is educational work of Crewing affairs training of seafarers (as officers so ratings) according to the international Convention STCW and shipping companies’ requirements, study of persons working in maritime transport system. All the process of seafarers’ trainings carried out in compliance with international and national regulations and International Standard requirements.
We have Quality System Certificates ISO 9001:2015 and International certificate IQNET. BHMES ANRI is a Member of the International Association Global MET-Global Maritime Education and Training, Full Member of IASST-International Association for Safety and Survival Training, Associate Member of BSAMI-Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions, Associate Member of Member of PCAG – Private Colleges Association of Georgia and a Member of Adjara Logistics, Transport and Shippers Association and Member of EU-Georgia Business Council.
All the process of seafarers’ trainings carried out in compliance with international and national regulations and International Standard requirements.
There are conducting convention and non-convention training courses at the training center. Study passes on Georgian, and Russian or English languages as required.
All training programs have been developed endorsed and approved by the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia in accordance with the requirements of STCW and IMO Model Courses. All Education programs are authorized by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.
ANRI’s training center equipped by all necessary simulators in accordance with National and International standards of training, retraining and certification of seafarers. Besides ANRI is owner of training vessel “ Capt. O.Chakhvadze”.
Our school granted a license for High Maritime Education Work at following programs:
III stage of Vocational Education Program on the specialty of:
– Deck Seaman (AB)
– Engine Room Seaman (motorman)

Duration is 1 school year.
High Education Program –Bachelor- on the specialty of marine sciences:
– sea navigation
– ship engineer

Duration is 4 academic year.
Also we have right to educate the foreign students at the
There is comfortable students’ dorm in the educational building for foreign students and students from other regions of Georgia.
Career Centre first of all is established to provide sea going practice for our students.

Maritime education, training, retraining, certification, crewing affairs.

Address: №11/4, Sh.Khimshiashvili Str.,
6010 Batumi, Georgia

Tel: +995 422 210757; Tel:/Fax +995 422 244422;
Mob: +995 99 691555; +995 97 761792
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Georgian Dance Studio “Shavlego”

Children’s folk dance company “Shavlego” was established in 1976 in Tbilisi city on the basis of public school №139. Since the day of foundation the studio took active participation in various cultural events as in Georgia also abroad. The studio has been awarded many prized and certificates at folk festivals and competitions. The studio traveled to the following European and Asian countries: France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey etc. Moreover, the company had traveled to some CIS countries as well. All performances of the studio in festivals and individual concerts were successful.

Interested to hold new performances/concerts (2 hour programme) in the European countries.

Address: 19, m. shavishvili str,
Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: +995790 555 000
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Academy of Business and Technology

The Academy of Business and Technology Ltd is based on 30 years of educational experience, which in 2014 was awarded the status of an authorized institution of vocational education, currently is implementing priority educational programs.
• To date, the Academy is the only vocational education institution to become ISO 9001: 2015 certified in December 2019.
• Awarded Best Partner of the Year by the Social Service Agency of 2018.
• It was twice awarded the highest rating with 5 stars within the branding of colleges in 2016-17.
• In 2015, it was one of the first to introduce a modular program for a nurse practitioner, for which it was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
In 2019, the Academy of Business and Technology introduced one of the first dual programs, the Construction Manufacturer.
For the first time in the space of private educational institutions, a student of the Vocational School of the Academy of Electricity under the Vocational Education Program became a scholarship holder of JSC ’’ENERGO-PRO Georgia’’.
• For our organization, it is strategically important to look for different partners, to cooperate with them, which promotes student employment. The Academy of Business and Technology is a member of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Association of Private Colleges. It also became a partner organization of the BTA Georgia Professional Counseling Association on February 14, 2019, whose Academy rector is Ms. Sofio Macharashvili.
BTA actively implements various educational projects:
• “State Program for Professional Training, Recruitment and Qualification of Job Seekers”;
• “Subproject for the Development of Professional Skills among schoolchildren”;
• “Accredited Labor Security Specialist Program” developed by IDPs from Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.
You will meet here:
• ISO International Quality
• 30 years of educational experience
• 2 own buildings equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure
• Job Practices with Employment Opportunities in Successful Companies
• Professional and friendly staff
• Interesting student projects
• Training Grant, State Funding
• Monthly tuition fees
• A variety of certification programs
The goal of BTA is to constantly strive to improve and deepen cooperation with companies.

Address: Tserosani St. N 208
Tbilisi, Georgia

Tel: 593 30 32 11;  574 00 80 80.
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Business Academy of Georgia – SBA

SBA is a development-oriented vocational educational institution which cares for the education
and continuous professional development of professionals equipped with knowledge and skills
relevant to entrepreneurial as well as labor market requirements, providing opportunities for
lifelong learning through formal and informal means.

The current learning process in the academy is focused not only on the development of key
competences for lifelong learning, but also through the implementation of qualification programs
and extracurricular activities, which contribute to the competitiveness of the graduate in the
labor market, personal development and their formation as an active member of society.

By offering a wide range of professional and short-term training and retraining programs
focused on labor market requirements, providing a pleasant and friendly learning environment
and services, involving the Academy community in the planning and implementation of teaching,
providing alternative opportunities to achieve learning outcomes for people with special
educational needs, and internationalizing teaching, the Academy contributes to the professional
and personal transformation of vocational students, understanding how they can, based on
National and European values, creatively approach the realization of their own abilities and in
this way bring benefits to the Georgian and international society.


Based on its own mission, the Academy relies on the following main values when implementing
the 2020-2027 strategy:

Quality – The Academy constantly develops both teaching and other areas of its activity to
achieve high quality standards;

Accessibility – The Academy strives to better ensure both physical and financial accessibility
of its services;

Freedom – The academy provides equal opportunities for learning, teaching, development,
prohibition of any discrimination, academic and freedom of expression in compliance with
ethical norms;

Responsibility – The Academy realizes its social responsibility and implements measures
within the mentioned framework. The Academy ensures that students take responsibility for
their own education, and staff take responsibility for their own activities, and in this process
adhere to the principles of integrity.



By 2027, the Academy will be an institution that will provide the public with high-quality
educational and other services in the realization of their entrepreneurial ideas, business
development and operation. For this purpose, the main directions of its activity will be:
• Offering high-quality qualification programs for people with basic and general education,
including those conducted jointly with foreign partner educational institutions;
• Offering high-quality training, retraining, internship programs for job seekers and employees in
Georgia and abroad;
• Offering consulting, research and planning services for active businesses and entrepreneurs,
including internationalization of activities;
• Offering different types of software for businesses and/or outsourcing services in certain
functional areas of their activities.

Address: Tbilisi Rustavi Highway 18-22, st.
Tel: 032 240 34 40; 032 240 33 40
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InterBusiness Academy – IBA

“Interbusiness” LLC was founded in 1992. The Academy is a multi-disciplinary professional college.
It aims at training of competitive and qualified personnel in a real environment, focused on the labor market, in close cooperation with partner institutions.

Adress: Shalva Japaridze St, 7
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2-61-54-23; (+995) 551-60-54-23
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