Animal Food

Animal Feed



Nutrimax has been operating on the Georgian market since 2009 with particular focus to provide a top-class feed, feed supplements and innovative methods of feeding to small and medium-size animal and poultry farmers.

Nutrimax clients are small, medium and large farms. Our main objective is to care for their success.

We offer compound feed as well as top-class premixes and concentrates for efficient feeding of animals and poultry.

We also provide free of charge consultations for improving our customers performance.

Nutrimax maintains continuous efforts to keep close contacts with young people, who want to deepen knowledge in veterinary or zoo-technical direction and assists them to utilize their full potential.

We share qualified experience of the world’s leading feed manufacturer Trouw Nutrition to our clients and offer top quality compound feed and feed supplements:

Milkiwean – piglets pre-starter;
Chick-Care – top-quality pre-starter for chicks;
Hendrix – concentrates for broilers and cattle;
Maxcare – premixes for poultry, pigs and ruminants;
Broiler Max – compound feed and concentrates for broilers;
Braun Mix – compound feed for broilers;
Layer Max – compound feed for egg-laying hens;
Pig Max – compound feed and concentrates for pigs;
Milk Max – compound feed for dairy cows;
Beef Max- compound feed for beef cattle.

Besides wide range of products, the company also offers laboratory services to consumers to examine quality of their own feed or raw materials free of charge.

Equipped with modern technologies, our laboratories assist our consumers in composing feed ration via Bestmix software based on Trouw Nutrition database and provide consultations for improving their performance. Nutrimax is permanently dedicated to customer care and offers high standard products to them.

Address: 67b L.Ghoghoberidze street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 2 30-53-35


Elixir is a Georgian company, founded in 2018. Elixir’s innovative products were designed with the participation of renowned
scientists from leading European research laboratories and through the achievements of inventors with international patents.
Elixir is an ecologically clean and bio-product made using European technology, exported to various countries around the world,
helping to promote Georgian bio products on a global scale. Elixir produces products for 3 sectors:
 Elixir for Disinfection;
 Elixir for Agronomy;
 Elixir for Veterinary Use.
Creating solutions using ECA technology, Elixir products target and destroy harmful microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, yeasts and
viruses) to protect humans, plants and animals. The products designed for the sectors of agronomy and veterinary promote
healthy growth of plants and animals, increasing yield and preventing the emergence of diseases.
Elixir has been awarded an EU Bio Certificate, confirming compliance with EU bio product regulations and compatible for use
in organic farming.
Elixir’s hand sanitiser and disinfectant have shown to effectively destroy Coronavirus, protecting the public during this
pandemic. Our Coronaviruseradicating formula has been proven effective by accredited German laboratory, HygCen.

Address: 264 Omar Khizanishvili str., Tbilisi, Georgia 
Tel: (+995 32) 2 03-33-39