We welcome our new member – Wine Diamond?

Let us introduce Tamar Abuladze – Georgian entrepreneur and founder of brand – Wine Diamond.

Her job and education are directly linked to wine, therefore she is interested in everything that involves wine and winemaking. Tamar has decided to create completely distinctive and unique wine-themed accessories that have no analogues.

Wine Diamond is Georgian brand, which makes extraordinary product – jewelry made from the highest-grade silver and wine crystals. It was founded in 2021 during pandemic.
We had to overcome many obstacles, before reaching the desired result, as every experienced winemaker would convince me that it was impossible to make jewelry out of the wine crystals. This obstruction and a great desire to bring my idea to fruition gave me somewhat an invisible strength and after several unsuccessful attempts, we were able to make beautiful and most importantly, natural colored jewelry from a wine crystal.

What is a wine crystal?
These little crystals that oenologists call Tartrate, wine enthusiasts – wine crystals and some – wine diamond, in fact are potassium salts of wine acid. Wine/Tartrate acid is the kind of acid that is found naturally in all wines, created by grapes, and it generates the structure, balance and aroma of the wine. These crystals are being produced in Kvevri (Georgian traditional vessel for wine keeping), bottle or barrel, while the temperature of the wine falls drastically. They remind us of diamond crystals. Sometimes they appear on the bottom of the dish, sometimes on the plug and they never dissolve in wine. Similar to wine acid, Potassium as well, is found naturally in wine. It is very healthy element and richer the wine in Potassium, the healthier the wine is. As for the color of a wine crystals – they obtain shades from wine pigment called Anthocyanin. The color of the wine is the same as the hue of the wine crystals. For instance: Rkatsiteli – is of a yellowish tone, whereas Saperavi – is dark purple.

Our mission
We believe that besides creating things, a brand should be source of intangible wealth and goodness. For that reason, we have three important missions:
1. To give immortality to the harvest of the year of which wine stone is placed in our jewelry.
2. Give 3% of the value of our every item sold from Facebook to Hospice – Peristsvaleba, organization that helps elderly people who live alone and those with terminal illnesses.
3. Introduce Georgia to the world and Georgian vines and wine, which has about 500 endemic grape varieties and a history of 8000 years.
Our creations are successfully sold both in Georgia and abroad. Each comes with the branded packaging and passport that tells the story of us and the wine crystals.
Wine Diamond is an unforgettable gift that will make wine enthusiasts, as well as lovers of beautiful and unique jewelry happy.

Georgia is homeland of wine!