We welcome our new member Moor Abc


Moore Abc LLC (former Morison Georgia) is the top15, full-service firm providing partners led quality services to local and international businesses in Georgia.

Moore Abc LLC is registered at the state register of auditors (SARAS-F-320544) and was qualified to conduct audit of financial statements of Public Interest Entities (PIE) by Service for Accounting, Reporting and Supervision and the recipients and sub recipients of USAID/Caucasus funds.

The key services provided by the firm include:

•  Audit and Assurance
•  Tax and legal
•  Accounting and Reporting
•  Valuation

The clients of the company are diverse and include:

•  PIE
•  Not-for-Profit
•  Small to Medium Enterprises
•  Financial Services
•  Property and Construction
•  Sport and Entertainment