The EUGBC welcomes a new member company – The Academy of Business and Technology Ltd

The Academy of Business and Technology Ltd is based on 30 years of educational experience, which in 2014 was awarded the status of an authorized institution of vocational education, currently is implementing priority educational programs.

• To date, the Academy is the only vocational education institution to become ISO 9001: 2015 certified in December 2019.
• Awarded Best Partner of the Year by the Social Service Agency of 2018.
• It was twice awarded the highest rating with 5 stars within the branding of colleges in 2016-17.
• In 2015, it was one of the first to introduce a modular program for a nurse practitioner, for which it was awarded Certificate of Appreciation by LEPL National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement.
In 2019, the Academy of Business and Technology introduced one of the first dual programs, the Construction Manufacturer.

For the first time in the space of private educational institutions, a student of the Vocational School of the Academy of Electricity under the Vocational Education Program became a scholarship holder of JSC ’’ENERGO-PRO Georgia’’.
• For our organization, it is strategically important to look for different partners, to cooperate with them, which promotes student employment. The Academy of Business and Technology is a member of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Association of Private Colleges. It also became a partner organization of the BTA Georgia Professional Counseling Association on February 14, 2019, whose Academy rector is Ms. Sofio Macharashvili.

 BTA actively implements various educational projects:
• “State Program for Professional Training, Recruitment and Qualification of Job Seekers”;
• “Subproject for the Development of Professional Skills among schoolchildren”;
• “Accredited Labor Security Specialist Program” developed by IDPs from Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia.
Why should you choose us?
You will meet here:
• ISO International Quality
• 30 years of educational experience
• 2 own buildings equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure
• Job Practices with Employment Opportunities in Successful Companies
• Professional and friendly staff
• Interesting student projects
• Training Grant, State Funding
• Monthly tuition fees
• A variety of certification programs
The goal of BTA is to constantly strive to improve and deepen cooperation with companies.