The EUGBC welcomes a new member company – Business Academy of Georgia/SBA


SBA is a development-oriented vocational educational institution which cares for the education

and continuous professional development of professionals equipped with knowledge and skills
relevant to entrepreneurial as well as labor market requirements, providing opportunities for
lifelong learning through formal and informal means.

The current learning process in the academy is focused not only on the development of key
competences for lifelong learning, but also through the implementation of qualification programs
and extracurricular activities, which contribute to the competitiveness of the graduate in the
labor market, personal development and their formation as an active member of society.

By offering a wide range of professional and short-term training and retraining programs
focused on labor market requirements, providing a pleasant and friendly learning environment
and services, involving the Academy community in the planning and implementation of teaching,
providing alternative opportunities to achieve learning outcomes for people with special
educational needs, and internationalizing teaching, the Academy contributes to the professional
and personal transformation of vocational students, understanding how they can, based on
National and European values, creatively approach the realization of their own abilities and in
this way bring benefits to the Georgian and international society.


Based on its own mission, the Academy relies on the following main values when implementing
the 2020-2027 strategy:

Quality – The Academy constantly develops both teaching and other areas of its activity to
achieve high quality standards;

Accessibility – The Academy strives to better ensure both physical and financial accessibility
of its services;

Freedom – The academy provides equal opportunities for learning, teaching, development,
prohibition of any discrimination, academic and freedom of expression in compliance with
ethical norms;

Responsibility – The Academy realizes its social responsibility and implements measures
within the mentioned framework. The Academy ensures that students take responsibility for
their own education, and staff take responsibility for their own activities, and in this process
adhere to the principles of integrity.


By 2027, the Academy will be an institution that will provide the public with high-quality
educational and other services in the realization of their entrepreneurial ideas, business
development and operation. For this purpose, the main directions of its activity will be:
• Offering high-quality qualification programs for people with basic and general education,
including those conducted jointly with foreign partner educational institutions;
• Offering high-quality training, retraining, internship programs for job seekers and employees in
Georgia and abroad;
• Offering consulting, research and planning services for active businesses and entrepreneurs,
including internationalization of activities;
• Offering different types of software for businesses and/or outsourcing services in certain
functional areas of their activities.