EUGBC welcomes a new member – TSV Estate?

TSV Holding was established to popularize Georgia and its culture. Starting with the export of Georgian exclusive products, including tourism development and charity activities, TSV Holding is working in a number of directions to fulfill its core mission.

They can proudly say that they have the opportunity to offer people around the world premium tours in Georgia. TikaTours specializes in luxury journeys to less-traveled destinations and warmly welcomes everyone to places of extraordinary culture and history, geographical diversity and startling beauty.

On the other side of our holding, they’ve dedicated themselves to production of exclusive, exotic Georgian products including tea and wine. Tika Svanidze Vancko Estate Winery offers a wide variety of distinct Georgian wine varietals. Every wine bottle tells a story from ancient Georgian wine-making culture and history. Wine bottles offer a glimpse of a country where wine was first invented.

TSV Holding works with a mission to introduce exclusive Georgian products to the world and bring thousands of years old Georgian history back to life.

TSV Mission has a very specific vision and goals to accomplish in the post-pandemic world. Estates’ mission is to allow international audiences to get to know Georgian history, culture and travel destinations by acquiring unique Georgian products.

TSV Estate offers a collection of wine varietals with methods of wine-making that are unique to Georgia – the factual homeland of wine.

TSV Estate builds on Georgia’s rich traditions and offers a glimpse of history and wine-making culture through branding based on archeological and historical findings.