“EUGBC” supports the Peace, Sports and Humanitarian Project “Ergneti”

In recent turbulent times when on our country and and its citizens lies the huge responsibility to keep the Legacy, Culture, Democracy and lands protected, even smaller initiative can be of a huge importance.

Confronted with the reality that 20 % of our country is occupied, we must focus our efforts on activities to draw more international attention to conflict territories.
In this regard, EUGBC would like┬áto express support toward “ERGNETI” project, initiated by the population of the conflict zone and strongly connected to Georgia’s peace initiatives. The project aims a reconciliation process between Georgian and Osetian people.
The project implies the following activities: Sports football infrastructure near so called “Administrative Boundary Line”, where both Georgian and Ossetian population will be involved, bringing dwellers of the area to better conditions, enabling to manage multiple common cultural and sport events, as well as giving the opportunity for the development of villages adjacent to the neighborhood.
The coordinator of the project, Mr. Giorgi Samkharadze, is very actively involved in peacekeeping issues and as the voice of the people, he already had a chance to meet International Organizations and at the same time EU High representatives express their support towards above mentioned project, some European pages have the information.
Definitely this project needs financial support and donors from international organizations, as well as from Georgian side.
Any kind of assistance will be much appreciated.
In case of any interest find the details of Giorgi samkharadze, the coordinator of the project:
(+995) 577 031 947
Giorgii George George