EUGBC Secretary General met with the representatives of Swedish International Development Agency – Sida

On 18 November 2013, EUGBC Secretary General, Ambassador Zviad Chumburidze and Executive Director, Tamar Khuntsaria met with the Second Secretary/Development Cooperation Sida of the Swedish Embassy, Charlotte Lunqvist. At the meeting the Secretary General informed Mr. Rosen on the current and planned activities of EUGBC. Ambassador Chumburidze underlined several important projects that the Council plans to carry out in 2014, such as EUGBC Expo, Business Conference and publications and seminars, which are important part of the Council’s activities.

The Secretary General also informed the Embassy representative on EUGBC goals to establish regular round tables with the participation of economic attaches of the EU member states embassies. Mr. Chumburidze stressed that existence of such forum is important for constant exchange of information between EUGBC and EU states embassies. This will also further deepen and promote cooperation at the bilateral level.

Mr. Chumburidze also highlighted the role of the Georgian Embassy in Sweden and stressed on close partnership with the Embassy and the Council.

Charlotte Lundqvist thanked the Secretary General and Executive Director for the meeting. She stressed the importance of EUGBC in terms of developing and strengthening trade and business ties between Georgia and EU member states. She also posited that EUGBC is conveniently placed to support current developments in the scope of Association Agreement/DCFTA.

Ms. Lundqvist informed EUGBC that a 7-year strategy of Sida is anticipated to be approved by the Swedish government in mid-December. After having the strategy approved, Sida in Georgia will have more information on the possibility of funding and supporting specific development projects.

The parties agreed to keep in touch and continue active cooperation in the future.