EUGBC management took part in the next meeting of Investors Council

Chris Schlueter, Chairman of the Board of Directors of EU-Georgia Business Council (EUGBC), BP Country Manager in Georgia and Giorgi Kacharava, EUGBC Executive Director, took part in the meeting of Investors Council, chaired by Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze held on October 1, 2018.

On behalf of EUGBC, Mr. Schlueter spoke about the issue of promotion of temporary legal employment of Georgian citizens in EU Countries initiated by EUGBC (in March 2018) within the framework of IC. He mentioned very good progress of cooperation with Poland in this direction, as well as ongoing negotiations process with a number of European countries.

EUGBC Board Chairman emphasized that expected positive results for Georgia’s economic development among the others, would be:
 Sustainable visa-free travel with EU and minimization the likelihood of implementation of “suspension mechanism”;
 Supporting vocational education via Importing of gained knowledge and experience, new production and organizational skills in the country upon return of temporary migrants
 Growth of investment potential of remittances and contributing to the decrease and poverty in the country
 Reducing economic losses and social risks via replacing irregular migration with regular migration and protecting the rights of labor migrants.