We are deeply shocked by the devastating acts of human suffering that is currently unfolding in Ukraine. Our hearts and minds are with all those affected.

To support Ukrainian people, HeidelbergCement Georgia purchased variety of products like :

– Baby food products;

– Emergency medicines supplies

– Personal care products;

– Baby diapers;

– Burn and wound healing special remedies.

The aforementioned is as short list of the humanitarian aid that will be sent to Ukrainian people on behalf of HeidelbergCement Georgia and its employees.

The products worth more than GEL 100, 000 are prepared to be sent to Ukraine through a special route in the upcoming days.

Being a post-war country, we fully comprehend that, in such tough times even minor aid is a tremendous stimulus and support to the affected peaceful civilians. It gives hope that people in need are not alone.

Additionally, HeidelbergCement group donated EUR 150, 000 and set up special donation account in partnership with the German Red Cross dedicated to Ukraine.

HeidelbergCement Georgia with all of its employees stands by the Ukrainian people throughout these hard times.

We wish peace to Ukraine and to the world!