On 2nd of February, 2017 EUGBC hosted Mr. Gigi Gigiadze, Designated Ambassador of Georgia to Denmark. During the meeting Mr. Gigiadze discussed with the representatives of EUGBC member companies different ways of possible cooperation between Danish and Georgian companies. As he stressed out, Denmark has remarkable experience in various field, such as renewable energy, agriculture, meat production, supporting start-ups, shipbuilding, bio and organic production etc. Continue reading

On 31 January 2017 EUGBC Secretary general, Zviad Chumburidze and Projects Director, Giorgi Kacharava took part in a consultation meeting with the delegation of senior officials from the EU Headquarters visiting Tbilisi.
Mr Christian DANIELSSON, Director-General, Neighbourhood & Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR), Mr Mayr HARTING, Managing Director, EEAS, Mr Lawrence MEREDITH, Director, Neighbourhood East (NEAR C) with BSOs and NGOs jointly discussed implementation of EU-Georgia Association Agreement / DCFTA. 
The meeting was held at the EU Delegation (38 Nino Chkheidze St. Tbilisi).

“EU-Georgia Business Council” elected Chris Schlueter, BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd Georgia Country Manager & Area Operations Manager as its new chairman of the Board of Directors at the Annual Members’ Meeting of EUGBC held on January 24, 2017, at TBC Bank head office. The voting procedure was followed by a short documentary film on promotion of Georgian production, as well as presentation of EUGBC’s action plan for the year 2017. The meeting was attended by the Ambassador of the Italian Republic to Georgia. Antonio Enrico Bartoli and Zviad Chumburidze, EUGBC Secretary General, informed participants about the Georgia-Italy Business Forum scheduled to take place at the beginning of March 2017 in Rome.

Cleaning service company “Kharizma” started its operation in 2010. “Kharizma” is distinguished with its high professional team, who guarantees high quality and fast cleaning, despite the level of difficulty. “kharizma” is known with its innovative technology and various services, accordingly the demand on service is increasing.
Except Tbilisi, the company can provide its services all over the country, owing to increasing numbers of brunch offices in different regions of Georgia.
As it was already mentioned “kharizma’ is distinguished from competitors with various services, with its high pressure and temperature steam vacuum-generator is possible to clean hot-air oven in process, escalators and blinds, also chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture. Cleaning and disinfection of marble, granite etc. Company identifies that its values is recognized in their success and their slogan is “we justify your trust”.
“Kharizma” implemented internationally recognized certificate of ISO 9001. This success means a lot, because it’s a reflection of hard work and continued growth of company’s team. Just now Kharizma has been nominated as branch leader in cleaning by National Business ratings of 2016.