Aqua Geo was founded in 2009. The Company leaders set a goal to popularize the unique Georgian water both in Georgia and abroad and in general, to make Georgia known all over the world.

The company produces natural mineral water SNO and Sparkling mineral water KOBI. Production of Kobi has started in 2018. The springs of KOBI are situated at 2000, above the sea level at village Kobi, in Kazbegi Region

The compliance of the product with any user’s requirements is of utmost importance and certainly, it means that technological processes need to be regularly updated and improved.

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“EU-Georgia Business Council (EUGBC) is carefully observing developments related to TBC Bank case.
Since EUGBC establishment in Brussels in 2006 , TBC bank has been one of the active members of the Council. During this period we are witnessed of crucial role of this company in the development of Georgian Banking Sector.
It should be emphasized that banking sector in Georgia is already well developed, which contributes to the improvement of Business Climate in the Country.
Therefore, we are confident, that investigation will be carried out transparently and Business Community shall have proper information about the process”.

Secretary General of EU-Georgia Business Council, Zviad Chumburidze held a working meeting with H.E. Ms. Kai Kaarelson, Ambassador of Estonia to Georgia.

During the meeting the sides talked about prospects of development of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. They also expressed readiness to cooperate in possible future projects, such as promotion of temporary legal employment of Georgians in Estonia, as well as organizing Business Round Table in Tbilisi.



Brewery Zedazeni is determined to produce beer that Georgia will be proud of !

Except the beer, company produces Georgian lemonade, Cola, Ice Tea, Energy Drink and Natural Juices.
Brewery “Zedazeni” is equipped with most up-to-date equipment from the best European producers. Filling lines (glass bottles, PET, aluminum cans, Kegs) and carbonated soft drinks mixing plant come from Germany’s top of the list producer – KHS. No second hand equipment, no Chinese analogues – only the first class European machinery. Everywhere along the production cycle the products and raw materials come in contact only with the highest quality stainless steel. Electronic measuring & controlling equipment safeguard the processes from human mistake. You can hardly find the production facilities this perfect even in Western Europe.
The production process is subject to permanent and strict quality control.

Zedazeni strives for perfection and its ambition is to become №1 beer and beverages producer in the Caucasus region. The team create products which goes through constant severe quality control and gives them the right to be first in beer and soft drinks industry. For more info please visit the website ➡️