Cleaning service company “Kharizma” started its operation in 2010. “Kharizma” is distinguished with its high professional team, who guarantees high quality and fast cleaning, despite the level of difficulty. “kharizma” is known with its innovative technology and various services, accordingly the demand on service is increasing.
Except Tbilisi, the company can provide its services all over the country, owing to increasing numbers of brunch offices in different regions of Georgia.
As it was already mentioned “kharizma’ is distinguished from competitors with various services, with its high pressure and temperature steam vacuum-generator is possible to clean hot-air oven in process, escalators and blinds, also chemical cleaning of upholstered furniture. Cleaning and disinfection of marble, granite etc. Company identifies that its values is recognized in their success and their slogan is “we justify your trust”.
“Kharizma” implemented internationally recognized certificate of ISO 9001. This success means a lot, because it’s a reflection of hard work and continued growth of company’s team. Just now Kharizma has been nominated as branch leader in cleaning by National Business ratings of 2016.

On December 15, EUGBC took part in Business Forum “Made in Georgia”, held at the Tech park Tbilisi. Business Forum was attended by business community, government officials and business organizations. They discussed challenges faced by local producer’s activities, which in a wider context are very important for different types of businesses. Continue reading

Hôtels & Préférence Hualing Tbilisi is a 5 star Hotel with French touch located on the shorelines of the famous Tbilisi Sea, a perfect gateway to clean, fresh air,

relaxing atmosphere and an exceptional panoramic view of Tbilisi hills. The Hotel is mainly created for business and leisure purposes, offering remarkable services in Georgia.

Designed to impress, the Hotel’s 246 rooms provide you with a natural, comfortable and elegant stay. In addition to the rooms, the Hotel comprises various Dining Outlets with Asian, European and local cuisine, Recreation Center with indoor swimming pool, gym, 3D golf Simulator,  aerobic & yoga spaces;

Hualing Ballroom – The largest meeting venue (800 m. sq.) accommodating up to 600 persons is a wonderful venue for holding events of all shapes and size:

Weddings, Exhibitions, Fairs, Christmas and New Year Parties, Showrooms, Banquets, Fashion Shows, Company birthdays and other celebrations. Continue reading

American Medical Centers Tbilisi – international health services provider in Georgia. AMC owns and manages ambulatory and outpatient care facilities in Georgia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe. AMC is dedicated to providing the highest standards of healthcare available using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from the United States and European Union.



Dr Richard Styles MB ChB DRCOG FRCGP Chief Medical Officer, AMC Group:

“As Chief Medical officer of American Medical Centres Group it is a privilege to contribute a short article to EUGBC magazine. American Medical Centres (AMC), Tbilisi, has now completed its first successful year in Georgia and we are very proud of our clinic and the services that it offers to those residents in Georgia. AMC sets out to provide comprehensive healthcare across the whole of the medical specialities, coordinating care through one well-administered facility where patients are our prime concern. We work through a core of primary care physicians – family medicine, pediatrics and gynaecology, who take a holistic approach to healthcare both physical and psychological. Continue reading