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“Dio” – Georgian Company with 23 Years of valuable experience


Ltd. “DIO” was founded in 1996. “ The company has a fairly long value chain ranging from raw material selection, import, warehousing, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service to. customers have the opportunity to create comfort and innovation at home and abroad.

DIO produce PVC an aluminum windows and doors also shading system for exterior and interior design.


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Pleasent news for EUGBC team


EUGBC Team has been joined by ELIXIR

Ino-Lab LLC is a daughter company of  TS Holding and produces more than 35 certified, innovative, high-tech products under the brand name “Elixir” for human, animal, poultry, plant, hygiene, sanitation and disinfection.

Elixir has eco-friendly products, which are harmless to humans, animals, plants and the environment.

Elixir Effectively combats and instantly destroys harmful microorganisms due to their high importance of oxidative-restorative potential.

Elixir products for agro-sector are auxiliary to the healthy and productive development of animals and plants, while “Elixir” disinfectants are ideal for sanitary-hygienic purposes in industry and in daily life.

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Background history

Wine Factory #1 –

Back to the history in 1894-96 in the oldest district of Tbilisi – Vera, Tbilisi’s main Architect Alexander Ozerov designed

and built beautiful and unique Wine Factory #1. ( Georgian : Gvinis Karkhana )

During many years it was closed for visitors. But from 2013 under the leadership of new owner Company – L.L.C Gvinis KARKHANA #1 total re-vitalization process of post-industrial territory has initiated.

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