Announcement from LTD “Golden Tower”

We would like to announce that LTD “Golden Tower”, a construction-developer company and a core member of EU-Georgia Business Council, is rapidly progressing in the Georgian market.

The company has commenced multiple important projects in both the Eastern and Western territories of Georgia. These projects will facilitate the process of reaching the final goal: the development of business in Georgia, the creation of employment opportunities and the betterment of the country’s economy.
“Golden Tower” actively collaborates with the Georgian government.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that within the government-initiated project, “Tskaltubo New Life”, “Golden Tower” made a direct purchase of the “Tskaltubo” sanatorium from the government.

“Golden Tower” has taken up a responsibility towards Georgia and its citizens to establish and facilitate the development of a beautiful balneological resort.

Our company studied the history of the “unique resort” of Tskaltubo and, with the given information as well as by taking into consideration the existing legal and political stability levels in Georgia, LTD “Golden Tower” made the decision to participate in this historical undertaking.

Within the given initiative and the “Tskaltubo New Life” project, our company was offered collaboration by “Zaha Hadid Architects”, an internationally renowned architectural company, whose founder was the world-famous Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid. There are currently ongoing negotiations with the above-mentioned company regarding the construction and development of the region.

I believe that “Golden Tower”, with its future steps will also facilitate the development of other, remaining projects within the “Tskaltubo New Life” initiative.

“Golden Tower” is also ready to participate in the development of other regions of Georgia, because the company’s priority is not only the establishment of a private business, but that of becoming pioneering participants of the historical development of Georgia as the most beautiful and rapidly developing country.

Member of the Qatar Royal Family, Sheikh Nayef Eid M.T. Al-Thani

“Golden Tower Qatar” CEO:
Said Mohamed Salah Abdelrahman Ahmed

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