SCPX official launch in Georgia

To celebrate the commencement of the giant Southern Corridor project, BP in Georgia hosted honorable guests – the representatives of the Georgian government, diplomatic missions, international organizations, business and media at the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion Project (SCPX) Launch event at the Radisson hotel, Tbilisi, on the 28th of February. The Southern Corridor, one of the biggest and most complex projects in the history of energy industry, bringing gas from Azerbaijan directly to Europe for the first time, involves constructing a huge gas network along with expanding the South Caucasus Pipeline.

Within the framework of SCPX on the territory of Georgia, it is planned to construct two giant compressor stations, to make 62km pipeline looping from the Azerbaijan border and 2km pipeline looping at the Turkish border and to build a metering station at the Turkish border.

Gordon Birrell, AGT Regional President addressed the guests highlighting the global importance of the giant project and the benefit SCPX will bring to ensure “additional gas deliveries to Georgia playing a significant role in the energy security and diversity of energy supplies.”

“The new Southern Corridor is designed to link the Caspian resources directly with European gas markets. Not only will it bring increased gas supplies and energy diversity to Europe but also bring benefits to all countries along the corridor”, said Gordon in his speech.

Talking about the benefits to Georgia, Gordon added: “It is expected to bring the largest single foreign investment of approximately $2 billion to Georgia contributing to the country’s economic development.”

The other benefits expected from the project for Georgia include approximately $400 million expenditure on local goods and services and 2000 direct jobs at the peak of construction, with approximately 125 individuals employed in the longer term.

Kakha Kaladze, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Energy of Georgia emphasized BP’s great role in creating energy security for Georgia and talked about the country as a reliable and important strategic partner for transiting energy resources.

“Georgia plays an important role in delivering the energy resources of the Caspian Sea to the markets of Turkey, Europe and the world. Seeking the new ways and opportunities for diversification of energy supply represents the highest priority of Georgia’s energy strategy”, Minister said.

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