New high-tech combined feed producing factory from NUTRIMAX


Company Nutrimax has officially launched a new high-tech combined feed producing factory, on September 27, 2016. First Vice-Minister of Georgia, Dimitri Kumsishvili and Minister of Agriculture of Goergia, Levan Davitashvili participated in opening ceremony.

The company invested five million Lari to build modern factory and its infrastructure according to EU standards in Zemo Phonichala, Tbilisi. For now, the company has more than 50 employees and its manufacturing turnover riches 50, 000 tons of animal, fish and poultry high-tech produced feed annually. Nutrimax also engaged in project “Produce in Georgia” and National Agency of State Property handed them 30,394 m2 land in Zemo Phonichala.

As first Vice-Minister, Dimitri Kumsishvili mentioned, this is a company which is committed to replace import and increase export. Kumsishvili Also stressed out that Nutrimax has opportunity to rich EU market too.

The Company “NUTRIMAX” since 2009 is successfully functioning on the Georgian market and its basic aim is to provide the medium and small-range farmers with the highest quality feed, feed additives and with modern methods of feeding of live-stock and poultry.

“NUTRIMAX” users are small, medium and large range farmers. Their successful development is our main task The company offers the  compound feed to the farmers, as well as the best quality premixes and concentrates for efficient growth of poultry and cattle. They also have the opportunity to receive free consultations for improving their activity in this area.