Georgian and Turkish Businessmen Association joined EUGBC

Gurtiad has become a new member of EUGBC

Georgian  and  Turkish  Businessmen  Association    GÜRTİAD  was  found  in  1999.  Main purpose of founding association was to create a bridge between Georgian and Turkish entrepreneurs, to facilitate them in dialogue with the public sector and to establish transparent   and   favorable   investment   environment.   

GURTIAD   since   the   day   of establishment, actively engaged in developing process of Georgia’s business and investment climate. At a present time, association unites more than 100 companies and individuals covering 25 various business sectors, like construction, energy, manufacturing industry, textile, tourism and hotel management, food and beverage services, financial and banking sector, import and export, retail and wholesale trade, logistic sector, health care and social services, agriculture.

In recent years Turkey continues to be number one partner of Georgia in the field of foreign trade and the contribution of Georgian and Turkish Businessmen Association is huge in this relation. Should be mentioned that our association, in cooperation with our member companies, strives in order to increase the manufacturing volumes of the country and accordingly use the export potential in a better way, not just with Turkey, but with other countries as well. The business forums (Caucasus Build, Georgia-Turkey Business Forum and other) organized and supported by our association can be named as an example of activities in this regard.

Besides  facilitating  foreign  trade,  GURTIAD  is  an  important  contributor  for  attracting foreign direct investments in the country. Important fact that Turkey is one of the biggest partners of Georgia in the field of FDI. Since 2010 Turkey invested approximately 1 billion US Dollars in Georgian economy. The biggest part of investor companies appears to be a member of our association. It is an important issue that the sectors in which our members made investments is totally diversified, covering different fields of Georgian economy

Besides the above-mentioned direct business and economic activities, our association is involved in several social and charity activities as well. We are a member, close partner or in a close relationship with several governmental organizations and business associations, like Association,   Ministry   of   Economy   and   Sustainable   Development,   Revenue   Service, Enterprise Georgia, Technopark Georgia, Investors Council, EU-Georgian Business Council, Georgian  Chamber  of  Commerce  and  Industry,  International  Chamber  of  Commerce Georgia, Georgian Employers Association.