“EUGBC” family of members continues to grow – “Georgian pharmacists Association” is a new member


Georgian Pharmacists Association“ was established in 1992. Association represents a non-profit legal entity.

Nowadays, Association brings together approximately 20 legal entities and about 2000 individuals.

Our goals are:

  • Protecting our members’ professional interests and rights;
  • Promoting the development of the National Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • Promoting protection of medical plants and improvement of their ecological status;
  • Promotion protection of medicinal plants and working on the improvement of their ecological status;
  • Elaborating and participating in pharmacy reform and drug policy recommendations;
  • Cooperating with state structures, individual and legal entities in Georgia and Abroad;
  • Researching Georgian pharmacy history;
  • Participating in the process of pharmacy education and further specialist diploma trainings;
  • Organizing congresses, symposiums and conferences, as well as charitable activities;
  • Raising public awareness of the importance of the pharmacist in the health care system;
  • Protecting the interests of the population by providing them with quality, effective and affordable medicines;
  • Supporting pharmacists’ social security.


Contact Information

Address: 183 Shalva Nutsubidze Street, Tbilisi Phone Number: (+995) 597 475 775