Biochimpharm is founded on a scientific and technological basis of Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, which had been providing all of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with phages for fifty years.

 The company is drawing on one hundred years of accumulated experience in research and manufacture of phages.

Biochimpharm is one of the world leaders in the field of bacteriophage technology.

The experience in the field of bacteriophages, accumulated during the Soviet period, is maintained within the enterprise. From the very beginning, basing on traditional preparations, Biochimpharm team has been researching and elaborating new forms of medicine, such as liquid, spray, capsule and tablet; also, creating new, innovative preparations for overcoming emerging diseases caused by resistant bacterial pathogens.

Biochimpharm products are present on local and export markets. On all of them, its products are distributed in pharmacies, with no prescription required. ✅  Biochimpharms is ISO 9001:2015 certified company, holding a diploma of ecology and safe technology of the EU. Apart from other achievements Biochimpharm is a winner in “The Leader of the field 2015” nomination of National Business Ratings Union. The company was also prized as “The Innovative Business 2016” at Georgian Business Awards.

Biochimpharm applies phage technology for secure life and health. Its mission is to eradicate irrational use of antibiotics and overcome resistant infections. Phages eliminate bacteria, doing so with extraordinary accuracy, without damaging anything else.

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