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Company of Goga Askurava International Holding (GAI Holding), TEP EVENT is now member of EU-Georgia Business Council.

Company “TEP EVENT” offers the following services:

• Organization of Conferences / Events / Conference space design;
• MICE Tourism;
• Rental of Conference Equipment (open space/closed space);
• Rental of Audio Guide Equipment;
• Organization of Video Conference;
• While the Conference: Photo/Audio/Video/Decoding of footage;
• Services of professional translator-simultaneous interpreters;
• Written translation and notarization;
• Printing and advertising services;
• Event catering / Buffet service;

At present “TEP EVENT” is the member of:
• Georgian Employers Association ( GEA)
• International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
• Member of UN Global Compact
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In 2014 “TEP EVENT” became the partner of “GONSIN Conference Equipment Co”, the largest manufacturer of simultaneous translation and sound equipment in China. “TEP EVENT” was founded in 2013. 
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AXIS as a real estate development company has been operating on Georgian market since 1998. From the very beginning AXIS entered Georgian real estate market by offering innovative and unique architecture, engineering and high-quality construction products. As a pioneer of the real estate industry Axis introduced and established in Georgia term “development” which nowadays is well known and broadly used. The company was the first who entered the market with series of first multifunctional complexes in Georgia, offering unique services to the customers.

As a next stage of development AXIS initiated unique real estate development project – AXIS TOWERS. Project itself is remarkable among other Axis Projects due to its size, architecture and multifunctionality of the building. After completion project will become a landmark of the Capital.

Up to now, AXIS developed up to 40 projects, meaning 625 000 square meter of construction area. The Company mission is to establish high standards of living through development of infrastructure and using new technologies, creation of recreation areas and enlargement of surrounding streets.

Due to all the above-mentioned factors AXIS has been retaining its leading position on real estate development market in Georgia. Fore more info visit

The company is carrying out project works, for construction purposes, with the total capacity: on the river Kabali – 11.6 megawatt and on the river Nino Khevi – 1.99 Megawatt. HeretiEnergy is in the phase of ESEA working fulfillment. The company has signed a memorandum with government, on January 20, 2017 for the period of 10 years, with the guaranteed purchase.

Heretienergy is interested in finding a business partner and project implementation.

Mgaloblishvili Kipiani Dzidziguri (MKD) remains in the position of legal counsel to Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB) and advised it in connection with its largest, GEL 120 million (equivalent of USD 50 million) bond issue in Georgia this year. The bond was admitted to the Category A listing and trading system of the Georgian Stock Exchange.

The allocated loan facility will be used by TBC Bank to finance investments and working capital needs of Georgian small and medium-sized businesses.

Providing local currency lending to Georgian SMEs will help domestic private sector to overcome foreign exchange rate fluctuation risks, a challenge often faced by businesses and supports the Georgian Government’s de-dollarization program which facilitates local capital market and will contribute to the country’s sustainable economic development, growth in jobs and real incomes.

MKD team led by partner, Victor Kipiani and lawyer, Giorgi Kankava provided legal assistance to BSTDB during the transaction and added yet another successfully closed deal to the firm’s capital markets’ work portfolio.