Welcome our new corporate member – Tbilisi Free Zone


Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ) is the ideal tenancy destination for international and local companies because it combines the benefits of a capital city location and a tax-free environment. In addition to numerous tax and customs incentives shared by all free industrial zones across the country, TFZ is particularly well-positioned to maximize value to companies with labor and power-intensive activities. Located in Tbilisi, TFZ enjoys immediate proximity to 80% of the skilled labor pool of Georgia, as well as access to reliable and low-cost electricity.

TFZ occupies 17.0 ha land, which is divided into 28 individual plots. The entire campus enjoys direct access to the largest labor pool of Georgia, as well as immediate proximity the main cargo transportation highway, Tbilisi International Airport (30 km) and the city center (17 km). The land plots may be leased individually or collectively for up to 50 years. Its unique configuration gives the opportunity to merge several land plots without restricting access to transportation and communications.

TFZ seeks to attract international tenant companies to locate their export-oriented businesses in the bonded tax-free area. TFZ is prepared to welcome companies from diverse fields of business including: technology, trading and services, light industrial manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and others.

FIZ Enterprise may be established by a local and/or foreign individual as well as a local and/or foreign legal entity. FIZ Enterprise will be registered at Entrepreneurial and Non-Entrepreneurial Legal Entities Registry by the ordinary registration procedures which takes ONE business day upon submission of following documents.

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