We welcome our new family member Secenergy Kft


Secenergy Kft is fast growing energy commodity trading company based in Budapest, Hungary.

At present, we are covering cross-border trading of natural gas on Austrian, Slovakian, Ukrainian and Romanian VTPs. Also, we are presented on Slovenian VTP and plan to expand our trading activities to Croatian and Polish gas markets during 2021. At present, we are holding the energy trading licenses from relevant authorities in Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

On the one hand, we have long-term natural gas supply contracts with Gazprom Export LLC, St. Petersburg office and other EU based reliable suppliers. On the other hand, we have booked on RBP, for almost 3 years, bundled capacities direction Austria to Hungary at the lowest tariffs applicable for annual contracts.

Our clients are leading Hungarian & EU companies with strong domestic and intra-state marketcoverage and trading facilities. Secenergy strives to be a trusted partner in all the areas that we operate, recognized for our agility, experience, financial stability and our strength to collaborate for  success with our partners. Our company is not resting on the success it had during the short period since it started its activity. It is the company’s philosophy to continuously explore new opportunities and grow by entering into new markets and diversifying into new areas of activity, whilst never losing track of its core competences.