We are pleased to welcome a new member company – “Igoeti”

“Igoeti” LTD offers its customers spices and seasonings, which are created and packaged in Euro-standard zip-packets, bottles and glass jars, taking into account the long-standing Georgian traditions.

The advantages of the products are;
• Premium quality;
• Ecologically natural raw materials;
• Pleasant aromas;
• Set of vitamins; (A, C, PP, folic acid, potassium, capsaicin, B-complex, copper, calcium, manganese, iron, selenium and magnesium)

The packaging is transparent from a front side, so that customers can visually see the quality of the products contained in it.
Packages has a convenient zip-lock, through which the product is completely isolated, its aroma does not escape from the package and does not mix with other food.
We only receive raw materials and process them ourselves to be 100% sure of the premium quality of our products.
Our products are systematically tested in a laboratory, which guarantees their safety and health. Our own laboratory allows us to produce the highest quality product created by Georgian traditions.
After placing the products in the package, the package is filled with dry nitrogen under positive pressure, thereby expelling oxygen and moisture. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen does not react with the product and therefore does not have a negative effect on its texture and taste;
We use ozonators to keep raw materials in the best conditions, which helps us fight bacteria in the production. It emits polarized-ionized air, which destroys mold.
“HACCP” – hazard analysis and critical control points system was introduced in our production.
We were granted the appropriate certificate that all standards for ensuring food safety are observed in the enterprise.
The goal of “Igoeti” company is to popularize Georgian dishes both in Georgia and abroad.

For more please follow?