Visit of EU Ambassadors and Trade attaches to business sites to Georgia

EUGBC started the new long-term project 2014-2917, to support implementation process of the second phase of EU-Georgia Association Agreement (AA) / Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade (DCFTA). EUGBC is committed in enhancing direct contacts between Georgian business community and European diplomatic corp.

Through the project, EUGBC plans to further promote potential of successful Georgian companies which are operating in compliance with high standards are already exporting their production at the European market.

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The first site visit took place on September 17, 2014 and the first companies involved in the project were Mineral Water Company “Sno” and Brewery Company “Natakhtari”. Diplomatic Corps was represented by Embassies of Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Estonia.

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At the sites guests such Ambassadors, Trade attaches, experts, on DCFTA matters and Georgian Media representatives had possibility to meet with the management and personnel of the companies in order to discuss current state of their operations and future plans related to the export to European market and other destinations.