VANRIK Agro Group is our new corporate member


Vanrik Agro Group is our new corporate member. The company has implemented a project on the commercial cultivation of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. The program initially was planted for 147,000 seedlings of blueberry. The land has been cleaned and prepared for planting. Plantation has been specifically designed to ensure the highest quality berries. The company is planning expansion to 400-500 hectares of plantation during 3 years. All varieties of berries are widely used in the world of industrial production of berries and are in demand. Due to the fact that berry collection technology requires rapid packaging and cooling, modern packing-refrigerating and processing plant will be built on the plantation until the summer of 2013, which includes production of jam, confiture and a line of baby food. Manufactured products are intended for sale on the local market and for export as fresh, frozen and in the form of the final product (jam, confiture).

Besides, technology of industrial production of blueberries requires a large bee farms (3-4 hives per hectare). Productivity of blueberries – 80 -100 kg of honey per hectare. The company has commissioned a laboratory in Batumi to produce planting material by micro cloning method, which will allow it to expand the plantation using our own plants, not to depend on foreign suppliers, involve local highly qualified personnel and train the youth in advanced technology.