STREGI – We are happy to announce a new member of EUGBC


STREGI is marketing agency powering the success of brands and digital transformation for various industry representatives. STREGI’s existential mission is to provide ‘Worthwhile Marketing Power” to various brands, products, people, companies, events

Meaningful Difference

STREGI supports organizations to implement projects that has overall commercial success. Cases and solutions are been analyzed in global terms, in-line with company’s business processes, resources and potential. 

STREGI’s Meaningful Moment  

  • 2020 – STREGI became EBRD marketing partner 
  • 2019 – STREGI partnered with global agencies in ecommerce services (Magecloud & Golden Team) 
  • 2019 – STREGI became a winner of Georgian Innovation and Technology Association 
  • 2019 7 July – STREGI started executing its mission in Georgia



Brand and Business Development

Brand Strategy 

Sales Development 

Organization Culture Development

Management Consulting 

Investment Marketing


Digital Transformation of Organizations 

Ecommerce Development

Website Development

SEO Audit & Consulting

ERP System Integration

CRM Platforms


Brand Identity Development

Brand Design

Naming Services

Domain Consulting

Web Design


Outsourcing Services 

Ecommerce Marketing Management 

Social Media Campaigns 

Search Engine Marketing (Google, Yandex, Bing)

Web Support




STREGI Clients