Statement from Silknet JSC regarding a Defense Ministry tender in connection to Silknet


We at Silknet wish to provide some explanation regarding a Defense Ministry tender in connection to our company, in which some of our employees have been specifically mentioned. It is with full responsibility and full transparency that we state the following:  

All representatives of Silknet involved in the tender process acted in line with all legal requirements and all general tender procedures.

The Defense Ministry public purchases tender was announced in August 2013. The following month, Silknet, one of the bidders, was proclaimed the winner.

Among the four companies involved in the tender, Silknet offered the most reliable, affordable and quality service combined in a budget which was 2.4 million GEL less than that of the runner-up company. This was the sole reason why Silknet was declared winner in the tender. We take pride in the quality of our work and we won the tender in question because of the excellence and value of our offer.

The motives behind the slanderous information raise some extremely troubling questions and it is all the more so dubious considering that the investigation has just begun and that the case is still classified. Should the case be declassified a number of additional details will emerge that will prove without a doubt that the Silknet offer was the superior both in terms of price and service offered. We are eager for all these facts to be available to the public. This is in the interest of the media, of the ministry of defense, of our company and of the Georgian people.

Silknet is one of Georgia’s telecommunication market leaders, employing approximately 3,000 professionals. It’s owing to their individual efforts that over the last five years our company has enjoyed a good standing in the community and an unmarred image. Silknet is currently involved in collaboration discussion with several global companies. These are partnerships are not just in the commercial interest of our company; these collaborations can increase jobs in Georgia and improve our country’s economy. Such unfortunate speculation and irresponsible reporting hurts not just our company, but also the thousands of professionals who work at Silknet and their families.

So with this in mind, we sincerely urge everyone involved, the media especially, not to spread unverified, speculative and slanderous information and to please exercise caution in mentioning or reporting on Silknet before the investigation is complete and before all the facts are in. We are not asking for any favors or special treatment from the media, frankly we are asking for responsibility, integrity and accountability—for media organizations to report the facts regarding this case, nothing more and nothing less.


The Silknet Management