Meeting with the representatives of IMPAQ International


EUGBC Top Management and Member companies met Senior representatives of IMPAQ International, LLC (IMPAQ). The IMPAQ team is currently implementing the “Strengthening Government Labor Law Enforcement” project, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB). Through this project, the IMPAQ team plans to support the following efforts: 

  • Adopting laws, regulations, and other legal instruments that are consistent with relevant labour standards; 
  • Improving the identification and remediation of labour law violations; 
  • Improving the prosecution of laboure law violations.

To achieve these outcomes, the IMPAQ team will work with labor inspectorate authorities and inspectors, judges and other judicial labor authorities, and other appropriate government enforcement agencies to develop, enhance, and implement a comprehensive, open source, end-to-end labor case management system (CMS). The CMS will be customized to the needs of each country and piloted in select sectors. Using the data generated from the CMS, along with existing data, the IMPAQ team will identify labor standards and procedures with high rates of violations along with the substantive and procedural legal gaps that facilitate these violations.