Meet our new member – VA Renewable Energy


VA Renewable Energy offers global implementation of the latest innovative technologies for the production of environmentally-friendly, renewable energy sources.

Mini Hydroelectric Stations VA-MHS.

These Stations can be installed in water channels with hard coatings. With certain parameters of water volume and speed, such stations can generate 100 kW/h to 1 MW/h of electricity and more. No dam construction heeded. No dam and reservoir constructions are required.

“Waste to Energy” Plant.

The CBT-P plant is an innovative, flexible, modular plant that can process almost any type of waste; municipal, commercial, industrial, medical, construction and agricultural. Inorganic and medical waste is processed in our special Level 5 Pyrolysis Reactor, while organic substances are processed in Bioreactors. CBT-P recycles

100% Municipal waste and nothing goes to landfill. CBT-P can process old, already buried waste into reliable sustainable source of electricity and other beneficial by-products