LEGISQUADRA is our new corporate member



We are happy to announce about our new corporate member.

Legisquadra – is an innovative law company situated in a business centre of Brussels next to European institutions. Legisquadra is a team of experienced lawyers that helps multinational corporations, international businesses and individuals to reach their legal needs. The 16 lawyers have a vast experience in the field of negotiation, mediation, consultancy, national and international litigation in all fields of law.

Legisquadra assists in a broad spectrum of investment deals on a regular basis. The company has a vast experience in helping businesses getting started on a local market and abroad.
Legisquadra has international experience and an international network which helped hundreds of businesses with their expansions in countries as Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Brazil, Dubai, Qatar etc. For our clients, we are looking for fast-expanding markets to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses.

Lawyers from Legisquadra speak French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. Legisquadra is presented by lawyer Joris Lombaert.