KPMG Georgia established its new Report on Crane index


KPMG Georgia established its new Report on Crane index.

The Crane Index is a tool utilized across the world in order to monitor the Breakdown of constructions by types activity in the construction sector. By physically counting the number of cranes in a city on a periodic basis, it enables the reader to understand the construction trend over time. In the crane index survey we count the number of cranes currently installed.
throughout Tbilisi. As of the first quarter of 2017 we have identified a total of 107 cranes installed at the construction sites. The results of our survey have also revealed that the construction of mixed-use buildings have been the most attractive for developers and private investors, with approximately 41% of construction works being related to multi-functional complexes followed by residential premises (33%). The latter involves the development of a mix of residential, commercial, office and hotel premises.