Introducing THE ONE


When developing The ONE, we wanted embrace every thing you love about Oriflame’s products and then go one step further. That’s why The ONE is more than just a sensational make-up brand. It is a personal connection to the exclusive world of fashion with insider content and expert advice. Offering you a complete brand that caters to all your beauty and fashion needs.

What’s new? The biggest launch in Oriflame’s history, we have unified the best and most necessary products under one new, complete and versatile brand, and structured the min clear and simple way. Covering everything you need for different situations–from saving time in the morning routines, to products that last the whole day in the office and afterwards, to looking fabulous on special occasions.

What’s more?

By also connecting you with top fashion industry experts who share their trade secrets, we can inspire you and keep you up-to-date with the latest looks and trends. Ensuring you look your best and feel confident in every situation. Read more about The ONE Collective here.

Product Sub-ranges

Naturally, to cove rally our beauty needs and give you an even better make up experience; The ONE features many products in its range.Therefore, to make simpler for you to shop and sell,we have created three distinct sub-ranges: High Impact,Everyday Beauty and LongWear.

Everyday beauty

Range of products that offers you high efficiency for your everyday make-up routine. All-in-one solutions with the best performance in a most effortless way.

High impact

Exciting range of innovative and on-trend products creating impressive confident looks-offers visibly impactful finishes and remarkable appearances.

Long wear

High quality formulations developed to last through busy days without the need tore-apply. Advanced range of products that keep you looking and feeling great all day.