Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone – our new corporate member



We are pleased to announce our new corporate member – Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone.
Hualing Kutaisi FIZ – a tax free manufacturing and trading zone in Kutaisi, offers 100% exemption from the taxes on Corporate Income, Dividend, Import/Export, VAT and Property.

Owner of the free zone is one of the largest investor in Georgia Hualing Group. The Zone has a convenient location. It is located 90 km away from Port of Poti and 19 km away from Kutaisi International Airport.

All the trade privileges that Georgia has, spreads also on the companies operating inside the Free Zone. Thus, companies in Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone enjoy Free trade regimes with Europe, Turkey, CIS and China (in the nearest future). Ready-made buildings of various size and shapes are available in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ for exceptional rental prices. Business start-up and further operations are extremely simplified.

Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone serves as an excellent place for export oriented manufacturing and trading companies. This is in this regard that many local and international companies are already operating after only one year of Zone’s setup.