Four New Corporate Members Joined EUGBC

EUGBC is happy to inform that for the last 6 months following four Companies joined EUGBC as Corporate Members:

NUTRIMAX,   “Agro Trading Georgia” successfully operating in Georgian market since 2009 and its purpose is providing small and medium range farmers’ animals and poultry with the highest quality feed, feed additives and support with modern feeding methods as well. The consumers of “Agro Trading Georgia” are small, medium and large-range farmers. To make their business successful is our main purpose. We offer to farmers compound feeds, as well as the best quality premixes and concentrates for growing poultry and cattle for effective agricultural purpose, they also have the opportunity to receive free consultations in order to improve their productivity. Our company is constantly striving to maintain close contact with the young people, who are in the field of veterinary or zoo-technical branch in order to get acquire knowledge, help them to find their place and to maximize their own potential.

Georgian Industrial Asset Management Group, LLC Georgian Industrial Asset Management Group was established in August 2011. The company’s main scope of activities is in concentrated fruit juice production. The main emphasis is on mandarin citrus. The production plant is situated in the town of Kobuleti. The company also owns the warehouses and the land located on the factory territory. Until.Until now, the company has received 12,185,158 tons of raw materials (mandarin), produced 907,452 ton of mandarin JC and 1,505,689 ton of mandarin puree. The company has also produced juice concentrate and purees of plum. Our company also exports freshly packed fruits. The company’s staff represent a highly qualified, effective and experienced team. The total number of employees is 60 persons. It should be noted that the proximity of our facilities to the sea port, railway stations and transit roads contributes to the timely and effective delivery of products.

Polimeri 1 LTD, This company founded in 1985. The manufacture has renewed wholly with modern technology equipped machines in 2013. We produce polyethylenetubes for drinking water and for gas main lines from d-20mm till d-630 from 5 to 30 atmospheric pressure. We can reprocessing 500-700 tones of polyethylene granules monthly. We were awarded of Certificate ISO 9001:2008 in 2013. Amiran Adeishvili leads the company from 1985.

Carriage Building Company, L.T.D. “Carriage-Building Company” was established in 2005. It is located in Rustavi city, 3KMs. from the capital Tbilisi. Through it’s new technologies and compatibility the factory shows absolutely new abilities into railway transport renovation field. Actually, the new factory is a successor of JSC “Railway Carriage-Building Factory,” which possesses many year experience not only in passenger carriage building, but also in freight carriage building business. Since the day of foundation, Rustavi “Carriage-Building Company” has been making and modernizing different types of carriages, according to current demands. The company became able to work out a new conception of building trains. Building of the Georgian-Chinese (VMK) series train was started, in which more, than 60%-s of annual georgian carriage-builders were involved. Th Georgian-Chinese joint construction is made through modern design, so that it meets the most contemporary requirements. Being 25-th model of 5-th generation of passenger train, with 130KM/H, is considered to be one of the finest and tremendously comfortable transport. From 2010 Rustavi “Carriage-Building Company” is planning building as passenger trains, likewise Freight carriages of new generation. This will breath a new life to railway vehicle industry and renovation around the country. Manufactory will simultaneously continue modernization of every type of mobile staff, doing capital repairs and other kind of works . . . New (EMV) train has already been presented at Middle East, Azerbaijan, Armenian, and Ukrainian railway owners. They became deeply interested into “Carriage-Building Company” and are looking forward to ordering analogous train for their countries.