EUGBC welcomes new member – TAM MANAGEMENT LLC


Our company was founded in 2015 by Tbilaviamsheni (Tbilisi Aviation Factory) management group and operates in the same factory area.

It is comprised of highly qualified personnel (designers, engineers, technicians, workers) with multi-year experience in aviation, which ensures manufacture of products of high technical difficulty, quality, modern standards and requirements as well as service delivery guaranty.

The main activity of the company is to design, manufacture, repair / overhaul, modernization, maintenance service, etc. of military and civil aviation products, special equipment, spare parts.

In order to ensure a successful start-up and development, the company carried out full recovery/ reconstruction / repair works of outdated/obsolete assembly plant delivered in possession of the company as well as equipped with machines, improved laboratory and design service (with full software provision).

The assembly workshop meets internationally accepted and law-stipulated norms for the same type of industrial infrastructure in relation to technical safety (including seismic resistance, fire safety), as well as workplace safety, safe environment for life and health of employees.

The company management system is based on the best practices of corporate governance, the quality management standards are introduced. The company holds international certificates of quality assurance – ISO and EN.

The company, in the framework of international contracts, carries out repairs of air-to-air R-60 and R-73 type missiles,  Mi-8/17/24/35 type helicopters repair and  repair / overhaul / update of Su-25 type military fighter aircraft.

In addition to the main strategic projects, using the engineering and technical knowledge and experience, the work is underway and the main works are implemented in the development of new projects and innovative technologies, namely:

  • Business-aviation direction – 9-seat business jets manufacture and certification
  • Start production of unmanned aerial vehicles (intelligence complex)
  • Start production of aviation parts from composite material and etc.