EUGBC Statement, member companies donated to the victims of the flood


EU-Georgia Business Council (EUGBC) expresses deep condolences following the disaster that claimed lives and caused severe damage to the infrastructure.

Our thoughts are with the victims and those who are affected by the deadly floods. EUGBC would like to mention on the immediate actions which was taken by our member companies. Following donation and assistance was mobilized to meet needs of the affected community.

1.       BP – 50.000 USD, BP has also launched employee matching fund to collect employee contributions. Additionally, donated 700 pairs of safety gloves

2.       Bank of Georgia – 100.000 GEL   Bank collected 251.000 GEL through donations at the special bank account

3.       TBC Bank  –  50.000 GEL     Bank collected 1.000.000 GEL through donations at the special bank account

4.       Magti  – 50.000 GEL

5.       Silk Road Group  – 50.000 GEL & additionally delivered food, water, hygienic solutions, blankets for the affected families and voluntees

6.       Bank Republic, SG Group  – 30.000 GEL & immediate assistance with items of first necessity, blankets, gloves, hygienic solutions. Bank collected up to GEL 127.000 GEL through donations at the special bank account

7.       HeidelbergCement – 50 tons of Cement and 100 cu m Concrete

8.       Oriflame – 20.000 GEL; 5.000 GEL to Zoo assistance. In addition, Oriflame is accepting donations in terms of various accessories, clothing, from their consultants/distributors that will be handed over to those in need

9.       IDS Borjomi –  20.000 GEL & water supply to the rescuers and volunteers at the disaster affected locations

10.   Lukoil – 20.000 GEL

11.   Efes Brewery in Georgia (Natakhtari) – 20.000 GEL

12.   JSC Sarajishvili – 10.000 Gel to the family of the rescuer, who died during flood.  Additionally Sarajishvili will provide patronage to the adults Nikoloz Philishvili –  son of Nina Philishvili (woman who died during flood)

& Mikheil Shakhmaziani – son of Jana Egizarova (woman who died during flood)

13.   PASHA Bank Georgia – 10.000 GEL & additionally provides the volunteers with food, water as well as other attributes that are needed for the work process

14.   JSC MGEORGIA affiliated companies – 10.000 GEL

JSC. Marussia (Georgia)” – 2 500 GEL

JSC. “Chateau Mukhrani” – 2 500 GEL

JSC. “GWS” – 2 500 GEL

LTD „Wellington” – 2 500 GEL

15.   PwC Georgia – 10.000 GEL. In addition, PwC Georgia staff donated  their own funds 3.090 GEL. Additionally, PwC purchased Gloves, Caps, Torches for volunteers.

16.   BDO Georgia – 6.000 GEL

17.   DLA Piper – delivered items of first necessity, blankets, hygienic solutions, medicines

18.   ABB Georgia – 1.000 GEL

19.   Lithuanian Bakery – delivered bakery products (bread, bun) to the disaster affected families based in the temporary settlements

Updated information on additional donations from our member companies will be available at EUGBC website.