EUGBC Secretary General held a Meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Georgia, Dr. Ivan Velimir Starcevic


On 30 September 2013, EUGBC Secretary General, Ambassador Zviad Chumburidze held a meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Georgia, Dr. Ivan Velimir Starcevic and Executive Director of “Sarajishvili” Honorary Counsel of Croatia to Georgia, Zurab Bubuteishvili. EUGBC Executive Director, Tamar Khuntsaria participated in the meeting.

EUGBC Secretary General informed the Ambassador on the activities and future plans of EUGBC. Mr. Chumburidze noted that EUGBC plans to organize small Expos in the major cities of Europe to promote Georgian production and potential export to the EU market.

The Secretary General suggested that with the help of the Croatian Embassy, Georgian representation in Croatia and with the involvement of “Sarajishvili” one of the destinations of the Expo can be Zagreb.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Georgia accepted the proposal with pleasure and stressed the importance of deepening and intensifying the relations with Georgia and Croatia. Mr. Starcevic also emphasized the importance of the current process of Association Agreement and DCFTA between the EU and Georgia and stressed Croatia’s support to Georgia in its efforts to come closer to the EU.

The meeting participants agreed to continue active dialogue and partnership in the future. EUGBC proposed to arrange a wider format meeting of EUGBC members with the Ambassador in the near future.