EUGBC launches new initiative to support Georgian Women Winemakers

EU-Georgia Business Council presented a new initiative aimed to promote Georgian products export, titled “Georgian Women Wine makers”.

The presentation of the project was held in the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia on April 25, 2019. The event was opened by the EU Ambassador to Georgia, H.E. Carl Hartzell, together with the Secretary General of the EU-Georgia Business Council, Zviad Chumburidze.

Besides the local business sector, representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia attended the presentation. Within the framework of the event, attendees had possibility to taste unique, high quality wines produced by Georgian Women.

Wine in Georgia remains the number one priority in terms of agricultural products’ export. Thus, interest in wine production is growing and women’s contribution and potential in this process is quite encouraging. The “Georgian Women Wine Makers” is the very first initiative of similar format in Georgia.

Georgian Women Winemakers

Madam Wine Presentation

Studies have shown that today the role of women in wine production and promotion has increased significantly. In 1826 he established a vodka factory in Tbilisi and turned it into a very successful business.
I got into a wine company completely by accident in 2000. After a one-off project, I was offered a job and stayed. I was administering export documentation. This was the period when the commandment “marketing” and advertising of products in companies was a very vague topic. It was at this time that I “discovered” Georgian wine.
15 years of selfless work have passed, working in a wine company has gained a lot of experience, so in 2015 I founded the company “Madwine”, with the aim of creating new brands with a variety of ancient varieties for a special segment, namely wine for women.
The company “MadamWine” is one of the first companies in Georgia, where only women are employed, women who are extremely in love with the business of Georgian wine production.
It is said that there is a great similarity between wine and a woman, and it is true that a woman is just as enigmatic, as cunning, as cheerful, sometimes as harsh and unknowable as wine, so the company “Madame” produces wines as mysterious as the wine “Lovely Woman”. . N / sweet, the same kekluts as the wine “Coquette-fun”. N / dry, as calm and stable as the wine “Housewife-Sadia’s” dry, just as cheerful as the wine “Rose-Savardo” n / dry and just as traditional as the “Blessed Kakhetian” dry.
Since 2016, the products have been exported to Estonia, Finland, Azerbaijan, Poland. We work on projects in England, Switzerland and Burma.

Kortava Wine Cellar and Tamuna’s Wine

We started building a cellar and planting a vineyard in 2014 in the village of Gremi, Kvareli district. The first harvest of 2014 (we put the purchased biologically pure grapes in pitchers) We planted a vineyard on about 2 hectares with many interesting varieties, both Georgian and European, and after we brought our own grapes we started some small experiments and deviated a bit from traditional methods, for example we have 35 grapes. . (Pink dry) Different mixes: Chinese + Saperavi (pink dry) Kisi + Rkatsiteli + Saperavi (pink dry) Saperavi + Kisi (red dry) Kakhetian green + Kisi (white dry) etc … Our maximum number is 3500 bottles per year and 80% of this is sent abroad.

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Marani Sachino

Family-owned boutique winery MARANI SACHINO was founded in 2016, but the story takes it start much before, as the knowledge and experience of Georgian traditional wine making with the gentlest possible handling techniques has been passed from generation to generation and today represents the strong heritage of the company.
Since its foundation, company has been passionately striving for creating symbiosis of traditions and modern technology which has been successfully achieved by crafting premium quality wines with the best unique pallets.
Recognition of our wines has not waited for long, our red dry wine Saperavi received, diploma for the high quality in 2017 and silver medal in 2018, at Georgian wines national competition organized by Georgian wine agency and Sommeliers association of Georgia. Kisi and Rkatsiteli also received Diploma for high quality at the same competition.
Operation only on the domestic market, in 2018 production of the company reached 20 000 bottles with the anticipation of doubling that number in 2019. Focus of the family lines on red and white wines, such as Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Kisi.
Acknowledging importance of correctly presenting premium quality wines, company will be concentrating on developing concept of the luxury packaging, thus not forgetting to focus on its customers.

Marina Kurtanidze

I started producing wine in 2012.
The cellar is located in the village of Chardakhi, Mtskheta
I produce from green Jisi grapes, natural wine, in a pitcher, aged for 6 months on chacha-clert, amber dry wine (from Manavi zone)
Wine is bottled, since 2012 under the name of “Mandili” since 2017 “Marina Wine”
Wine quantity: 2000 bottles per year
Fully exported: France, England, America, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Spain.
We have a family winery, in addition to wine production we have a small restaurant.

Mariam Margvelidze

Our story begins with the knowledge and experience passed down through the generations. Proof of this is our cellar, which will tell you step-by-step experience of 200 years of wine making. The new successor of the family tradition is Mariam Margvelidze, who turned winemaking into a profession, became actively involved in the wine production process along with her studies and adopted modern approaches. We want the people who come to us to have more time to get acquainted with our Racha and wine tradition, so we have arranged a hotel space with the inspiration of our cellar and now we offer all guests to make their trip on the wine road an unforgettable experience.

Mamiseuli Marani, Tamar Mosiashvili

“Mamiseuli Marani”(Father’s Wine Cellar) was established in 2016 based on the family wine cellar built by Zaur Mosiashvili in the village of Khatisopeli in Bolnisi region. We, his daughters started making wine from Rkatsiteli grapes grown in father’s vineyard to continue the family traditions. It should be mentioned that at  the first stage our project was founded in the frames of “Produce in Georgia” program and that was a very important support to start our production.

At the moment “Mamiaseuli marani” produces wine only from one type of grapes, namely from Rkatsitelu grapes grown in the micro zone of Bolnisi which is also known as Bolnuri Rkatsiteli. We have traditional Georgian white dry wine which is fermented in Kvevri. But we use different options in winemaking process and accordingly we have two types of wine – one fermented together with grapes stems other without stems. We also offer our customers filtered and unfiltered versions of our wine.

khatisofeli is a small historic village in Bolnisi region. According to the population Census of 2014, around 400 persons live in the village. The village is located in the valley of Poladauri river and it is 7 kilometers away fro the town of Bolnisi. The village and its vineyards are also mentioned in historical sources . In 1241 Michael the Catholicos of Kartli gave Khatisofeli together with its vineyards to Vache son of Guaram. In 1584 King Simon I unexpectedly attacked the Ottoman army camps near Khatisopeli. Vakhushti Bagrationi also menitons the village. According to the oral traditions , a settlement existed on this location several times. The current settlement is from the second half of the XIX century.

There are two churches in Khatisopeli and both were build in the  second half of XVII century. The inscriptions on the walls the Mother God chapel mention historical persons. St. Goerg Church overlooks the village. This church was painted by Pirosmani in his famous painting “St George feast in Bolnisi”.

Nia Natsvlishvili

Alexander Distillery” is a family owned marani, boutique Winery and Craft distillery, located in the Qvemo Kartly region, Tetri Tskaro municifality, 60 km south Tbilisi, Alexeevka village , in the fecinating area of the Trialety mountains and Algeti National Park, 1 200m from see level. Marani is specialized in Traditional Georgian Qvevri wines, Europian style wines, 100% hand craft small baches Wiskey, Chacha and fruit brands. We create Authentic craft spirits using only localy sourced ingredients: for Wiskey – corn and barley, for Chacha – localy sourced endemic, ancient Georgian Grape, for fruit brand – locally sourced fruits.

 “Alexander Distillery” is only one in the world using Qvevri ( huge clay vessel) for grain fermentation and wash distillation. Spirits are distilled using uniq technology which was developed and registrated by the founder of this wine celler and distillery – Mr. Alexander Kvernadze.     So  Wiskey “ Alexander” is the single whiskey in the world, which is distilled in Qvevri, use only one vessel completly for all frocesses – mashing, fermentation, distillation, filtration – in contrast with classic method of Wiskey making – were was used three different vessel for each processes… especially vessel for each step. This method of distillation and equipment for distillation is patented in Georgia as invention. Author and owner of patent is Alexander Kvernadze (Doctor of Physicist Scientists and the same time Patent Attorney of Georgia). Results are based on many experimental researches. Craft Wiskey “AlEXANDER” is: blended Malt Grain Wiskey; Qvevri Fermentation – up to 80 hours; Qvevri Distillation – up to 75%ABC; matured – in American White Oak Barrels.

Shorena Pataridze

My wine “Pataridzeebis Rachuli” is made from ecologically clean grapes grown in the mountainous region of Georgia, Racha. This is an organic vineyard I planted in the village of Abanoeti in the Ambrolauri district, in the settlement of the Pataridzes. The location and terrarium of the vineyard is the reason for the distinctiveness of this wine. I planted a vineyard in 2008 and started winemaking in 2015, producing red dry wine from Alexandreuli and Mujuretuli. Semi-sweet “Khvanchkara” is made from these varieties, but this wine was dry in the original and I want to return it to the original. I have also been producing rosé wine from Alexandreuli and Mujuretuli since the 2019 harvest.

I produce up to 3000 bottles of wine in total. My wine is sold in special wine bars in Georgia and abroad. In Washington, DC; In Tel Aviv in Israel and in Paris in France.

Marine Ghvedashvili

We founded the company “Kizikuri Traditional” in 2018, with the aim of bringing us biologically pure grapes and producing organic wine. In 2015, we planted Rkatsiteli in Kakheti, in particular in Kiziki, one of the most excellent places for vines in Dedoplistskar, 750 meters above sea level, and we work with only bio-preparations. We got the first harvest in 2018, which we cut in a pitcher using the Kakhetian traditional method, stopped for 8 months and went to the Georgian market. Our wine has received Bio Certification.

In addition to Rkatsiteli, we produce: Saperavi, Kisi and Kakhetian Mtsvane Qvevri. We have successfully participated in festivals or competitions throughout Georgia. We won silver and bronze medals at the International Pitcher Wine Competition.


Maka Chavelshvili

The interest of Georgian women in winemaking usually flows from their families and traditions; however, the story of Maka Chavelashvili has a very different beginning. It reflects a deep longing for coming back to Georgia, a dream come true, a radical shift in profession and desire to speak to the world through the language of wine and introduce it something so beloved – her homeland.
“I always wanted to have a vineyard and finally, in 2018 I purchased one-hectare vineyard in Village Nasamkhrali, Tsinandali Micro-zone. The Village Nasamkhrali is situated in Telavi area of Kakheti Region. Its name, as many other things in Kakheti, is related to Kinh Erekle II. According to the legend. King Erekle’s army had supper at this place, and the village has thereafter been called Nasamkhrali (meaning after supper in Georgian).

With the first harvest in 2018, I could put my knowledge into practice. I called the vineyard and wine cellar ”Samkhari”, named after the similar-sounding “three bulls” in Georgian, which is a nod to my three sons.

Miranda Chkhetiani

My cellar “Miranda Wine” is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia in Lechkhumi, in particular in the village of Tvishi, Tsageri municipality. As you know, our side is a well-known micro-zone, the brand Tvishi is naturally semi-sweet, viticulture, winemaking is a tradition for the family, I have been involved in this activity since childhood, in Lechkhumi there are pitchers in the open air and I have my own. Slowly I added more vineyards. I first put the 2017 vintage in a small quantity (only 60 bottles) and that is when my brand “Miranda Wine” was created. We have already grown to about 1000 bottles by 2019, we are participating in large-scale wine festivals, in 2019 I was in the Netherlands for the World Wine Women Exhibition, in the near future we plan to bring wine to the US market, we also receive tourists on the spot, we have wine tastings. We are introduced to the antiquities and wildlife of our corner. “Miranda Wine” under the brand at this stage produces Tvishi Tsolikouri in the form of dried wine. Characterized by the scent of wildflowers and fruity aromas. We are now starting to build a cellar where we will be able to produce naturally semi-sweet tweezers and create proper storage conditions as well.

Ketevan Jurkhadze

“Kabistoni” Wine School was found in the year 2015. The founder of the school is an International wine expert Ketevan Jurkhadze. She has been working for wine industry since 2000.  The name of school “Kabistoni” refers to a less known endemic Georgian grape variety. For the students who are ready to take the first big step into the world of wine, are on the right place. The school provides certified classes to the trade and wine-appreciation classes to consumers. The top professionals in the food, wine, and hospitality industries will teach the students about the wine styles, varietals, initial stages of vine and wine, winemaking history, culture and techniques, wine tasting, aromas, flavour, food pairing,  its valuation, wine marketing, wine tourism development  and hospitality business.   A selection of wine courses run twice a year in autumn and spring. Upon completion of the three-month program, graduates have a working knowledge of the types and styles of wine and our students become masters of “global wine expert”.  The most successful students of   “Kabistoni” wine school has been hired by various wine producing companies of the country; some of the graduates continued their study in the most prestigious European Universities, (where the School certificate has been recognized as a proficient full course diploma) developing their knowledge in wine industry and wine tourism.