EUGBC is pleased to announce new corporate member – GeoSilkRoad


After successful completion of several projects, Kuwait and Georgian businessmen, accomplished partners and friends, decided to establish a universal business consulting investment company, main activities of which include business consultations and a wide range of investment projects, demonstration of Georgia’s investment potential and attraction of investments. Our highly qualified team will serve you in the following fields: architecture and design, construction and rehabilitation, tourism, trade and export-import, oral and written translation, accounting and auditing and legal consultation.

Subsidiary companies

The groups of GDC architects, designers, builders and experts offer architecture, design of the entire building complex and its environment, i.e. from macro level — urban planning, urban design and panoramic architecture, to micro level — including interior design. As well as full service in the direction of construction, rehabilitation and technological equipments.

GeoVisit offers participation in business tours to the business representatives of various countries. The tour may include arrangement of business forums and leisure activities for the guests. Also, MICE tourism, organizing large scaled events and festivals for foreign visitors, planning individual and group tours and presenting Georgia from an interesting point of view to each traveler are the main directions and purpose of this group.

Silk Translations combines up to 5000 qualified / certified translators and editors. The group, which is staffed by Georgian and foreign professionals, offers oral, simultaneous and written translations in all languages, in any field and  subject.

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A distinctive sign of GeoSilkRoad

A group of field experts and technological specialists, any field in which GeoSilkRoad will provide you consultations and services, is based on the knowledge and experience of highly qualified personnel. Technology is a field in which research results of other fields of science is used practically in accordance with the demand of the public. That is why we have integrated industry experts and technologists around the business for the first time in Georgia: agriculture, telecommunications, electrical engineering, computer technology, mechanical engineering, technological equipping / installation / implementation / training in these and other fields. We are actively cooperating with European companies in the expert and technological areas, sharing their experience and knowledge.

Consultation and service of GeoSilkRoad Company is based on professionalism of sector specialists and technologists!