EUGBC is glad to be joined by a new member – Akustiko


The company “Akustiko” was founded in 2014. This was the period when there was no company specialized in the field of acoustics in Georgia.

From the very beginning and from the very first day of its establishment, the goal of our team was to make a significant contribution to the development of the field of acoustics across the country.
Considering the results achieved, we can say that the company is on the right path of development, Akustiko is a leader in the local market and competes with acoustic companies from neighboring countries.
The company’s leading specialists regularly participate in international conferences, seminars and trainings in the field of sound insulation and internal acoustics. The company has also been the organizer and host of numerous acoustics conferences and trainings. The project team has full competence in this field and most importantly quite a lot of practical experience.
The success of the company is due to the fact that during this time the team independently managed difficult and responsible projects, was never dependent on the acoustic design companies of another country and their resources, which usually in the case of other companies is reflected in the quality, price and timeliness of services.

Why Acoustics?

Acoustics are often associated with concert halls, sound recording studios and the Philharmonic, but its need covers a wide range. There is a large list of sectors where noise and / or vibration problems may be relevant.



• Sound insulation measurement works, design and consulting, sound insulation works between the spaces in the storeroom;
• Internal acoustic design of the store, acoustic measurement works, acoustic design and consulting, installation of acoustic technologies;
• Vibro-insulation, design and vibro-insulation works of technical equipment;
• Exterior noise measurement works and studies, design and consulting, sound insulation works;



✓ Living spaces;
✓ Internal and external technical noise (chillers, generators, etc.);
✓ Educational and medical institutions;
✓ Office spaces;
✓ Conference halls;
✓ Concert halls, theaters, studios and other professional spaces;
✓ Other public and private spaces where the problem of acoustics, noise and vibration may be relevant;
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