EUGBC has a new member – GGM

We are happy to announce that  EUGBC has welcomed its new member – GGM!

The GGM renders assistance to the crisis-ridden companies in crisis diagnosis, searching for the
measures of business (activity) strengthening, problem identification, product development,
searching for financing, management system assembling and, in finding of the ways out of the crisis
as of the main task thereon.
The GGM manages the companies in the fields of the infrastructure, production (industry), tourism,
public health, trade (commerce).
The GGM cooperates with the Chamber(s) of Commerce and Industry of various states operating in
Georgia, investment groups and in general, with the foreign companies interested in doing business
in Georgia.
The financial partners of GGM within the frame of different projects are the physical persons and
companies resident in Georgia having available some savings thereof wishing its investment in the
businesses thereon.
The more completed data on the projects, results, team and services of the GGM as of a
management company are available on the website: