EU-Georgia Business Council welcomes new family member – Magnus Insurance ??

✅MAGNUS Insurance offers services that are unique and different from others.

✅MAGNUS Insurance is an INSURANCE MARKET, where products of various insurance companies are present at one space and customers have a wide range of choices.
✅MAGNUS Insurance does not increase the insurance price. In many cases, the price is lower rather than directly addressing the insurance company.
✅MAGNUS Insurance possesses the most comprehensive information about products of insurance companies and in the shortest time chooses insurance products specifically tailored for you.
✅MAGNUS Insurance takes into account insurance terms and prices as well as quality service in the process of loss regulation. Therefore, it will only offer the choice suitable to you.
✅MAGNUS Insurance will study your needs, and offer the most favorable options;
✅MAGNUS Insurance consults you during the insurance period and protects your interests in dealing with insurance companies during the insurance events.

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