Announcement – BP Exploration (Caspian Sea)


BP Exploration (Caspian Sea) Ltd (COMPANY) announces publicly that it wishes to tender out the following scopes. Applicant (BIDDER) can express interest for both scopes or the full package as well.


BIDDER shall accomplish delivery of fully sustainable and uninterrupted provisions of self-performed or sub-contracted 3rd party services (as required), within the Scope of Services, that INCLUDES:

  • BIDDER shall provide different type of fleet of Light Vehicles Sedan, SUV, Pick-ups, Multi Passenger Vehicles (minibus up to 16 seat, minicoach up to 8 seat ) with short term rent (day, week , month) or long term vehicle lease ( 1-5 years) ; for long distance (over 25 km), within city and cross border travel services. Border crossing will primarily be between Azerbaijan and Turkey.
  • All vehicles must comply with vehicle safety ranking NCAP 5* and maintained per the vehicle manufacturer standard
  • BIDDER shall provide the comprehensive insurance coverage for vehicles, except for statutory motor third party liability, where the coverage is provided in accordance with APPLICABLE LAWS. Insurance certificates should be timely issued and presented for all BIDDER motor vehicles under this agreement.
  • Provision of qualified and competent drivers to meet COMPANY land transportation demand, INCLUDING the management of driver training and regular competency assessment process for all authorized to drive on COMPANY Business
  • Ensure Journey Risk Assessment in place for common/ repetitive routes and reviewed regularly
  • 24/7 Journey Management Plan (JMP) for trips, exceeding 25km or other remote locations/field sites, or routes travelled along High-risk areas (Security- or Safety-related) and consult with COMPANY Security Team prior to any journeys outside city limits, or any non-routine journeys being undertaken
  • Staff transportation of COMPANY personnel to/from COMPANY offices and/or any other APPROVED locations
  • Safe and secure parking and storing COMPANY owned vehicles and BIDDER rental fleet (approx. No BP vehicles x 130 SUV units)
  • Implement Meet & Assist transfer of COMPANY employees to/from Airport, railway and daily ad-hoc dispatch car service
  • Provision and management of professional Transport Call Centre, for fleet coordination and on time vehicles dispatch in response to the business requests from COMPANY employees in city and remote locations.
  • Administer COMPANY vehicle assets e.g.: insurance, registration, maintain valid documentation on technical inspection, fuel provision and management, vehicle cleanness, inventory and disposal.
  • Preparation of routine or specific reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • BIDDER shall Maintain In-Vehicle Monitoring System for COMPANY and rental vehicles, including GPS data and camera records if applicable and in compliance with APPLICABLE LAWS
  • Introduction/ use of In Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS), with purpose-designed computer software at least at one operational base to enable the COMPANY or a third party to track and review in real-time or/ and later. Vehicle monitoring systems shall offer a range of benefits including improved driver safety and reduced costs


  • BIDDER shall possess all the relevant valid certificate and license issued by Country Respective Authority and Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Toyota
  • BIDDER shall provide fully managed Vehicle Maintenance Services to the existing COMPANY owned fleet, INLCUDING corrective & preventative maintenance, all in accordance with in safe working order and maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations.
  • BIDDER shall perform the maintenance services safely, efficiently, timely and to the reasonable satisfaction of COMPANY to achieve COMPANY’s commercial and technical objectives. Perform Services in accordance with procedures and guidelines and to appropriate manufacturer recommendations.
  • BIDDER shall perform immediate replacement when small damaged/ defect or service requirements, deemed as consumable noticed during maintenance check at no cost to COMPANY as part of Preventive Maintenance scope

Each Applicant must meet the following initial selection criteria:

  1. With respect to services in Georgia, a legal entity shall be incorporated and registered in Georgia
  2. The subject scope is Core activity for applicant and has been operating in the relevant field of business for over two (2) years prior to the date of the tender/bid announcement. Experience of managing fleet of minimum 30 x Vehicles and 60 x qualified and competent drivers.
  3. During the two (2) financial years preceding the date of the tender, has had an annual turnover of >USD150,000, or its equivalent in GEL.

The applicant is requested to submit data/evidence meeting the above initial selection criteria. Applicants failing to meet the minimum criteria shall not be considered further.

The relevant authority within COMPANY requests potential suppliers to submit their interest for participating in the bids to the following individuals COB 19th April 2019. No formal supplier proposal is required at this stage.