A new member of EUGBC – Imereti Agro Zone???


We are please to introduce to you our new family member company – Imereti Agro Zone.

By the initiative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, LLC, “Imereti Agro Zone” (IAZ) is implementing a Greenhouse Cluster Development project on the 220 ha land plot in the Imereti region. According to the project concept, Imereti Agro Zone will develop all the necessary infrastructure on the existing plots, which are essential for greenhouse operations. The IAZ Greenhouse Cluster Development Project offers interested parties the opportunity to invest in the project through various possibilities: Greenhouse, N(N)LE “Horticultural Training and Demo Centre” (HTDC), Collecting Logistics Centre (CLC), Ancillary Businesses, Asset & Overall Management, and Agro Energy and Utilities (AEU). 





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