???EUGBC new member – Kapistoni Winery???


We are happy to introduce to you our new member Kapistoni Winery a family-owned business. Its winemaking tradition is inherited for seven generations of winemakers. The winery produces very rare and unique Qvevri natural premium wines made from indigenous grape sorts native to central Georgia, Kartli. Kapistoni Winery exports it’s wine in nine different countries: USA, UK, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Hong Kong. Kapistoni’s portfolio includes ten different types of wine:

White Natural Qvevri Wines

Rkatsiteli (Manavi Region, Kakheti)

Chinebuli (Gori Region, Kartli)

Goruli Mtsvane (Gori Region, Kartli)

Mukhamtsvane (Gori Region, Kartli)

Kundza (Gori Region, Kartli)


Red Natural Qvevri Wines

Budeshuri Saperavi (Gori Region, Kartli)

Shavkapito (Gori Region, Kartli)

Tavkveri (Gori Region, Kartli)

Asuretuli Shavi (Gori Region, Kartli)

Danakharuli (Gori Region, Kartli)


















Contact: Mtskheta Region, Saguramo /Tel: +995 595 99 8585