George Chirakadze

Born on 14 July 1974 (Georgia). Mr. George Chirakadze graduated Tbilisi State University, Physics BD (1991-1995) & CERMA Business School, Executive MBA (2003-2006). George also studied in University of Oxford, University College while attending Astronomy & Physics Training (1989-1992).

From 1992-1995 he was a Vice President of Young Scientists Club of Georgia (YSC). In 1992-1997 he was a President of Young Scientists International Association (YSIA).

In 1997-2001 he has established United Global Technologies (UGT) – now leading IT Company in Georgia and Caucasus Region. From 2001 up to present he is President & CEO of United Global Technologies (UGT). Mr. George Chirakadze has over 10 years experience of running different commercial and non profit organizations as an Executive Manager. More then 5 years experience as a Chairman of the Board of Directors.

George Chirakadze – CV