EU-Georgia Association Agreement Food Safety Requirements

Lia Todua, Tbilisi 2015




Publication on Competition

Ketevan Lapachi, Natia Kutivadze. Tbilisi 2015





Technical Barriers to Trade

Kakha Gogolashvili, Nino Chokheli. Tbilisi 2014




52_129_550349VIII PUBLICATION How to Export Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Mineral Water Products from Georgia to the EU Market

EUGBC Report to the EU Delegation to Georgia 2012




68eit5tgVII PUBLICATION How to Export Food Products of Non-animal Origin from Georgia to the EU Market





b2tgp16iVI PUBLICATION Specific Issues of the Export of Organic Products from Third Countries to the EU Market

EUGBC Report to GIZ 2010




imgV PUBLICATION Export of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to European Union Market from Third Countries

EUGBC Report to the EU Delegation to Georgia 2010




imgIV PUBLICATION Norwegian Market of Alcoholic Beverages – Specific Issues

EUGBC Report to Thorvik International Consulting (TIC) 2010




imgIII PUBLICATION Certification of the live animals, products of animal origin, poultry…exported to EU market

09.06.2000 Licence

16.12.2002 Council Directive

21.12.1976 Council Directive

16.04.2007 Council Directive

12.12.1972 Council Directive

28.08.2006 Council Directive

EUGBC Report to the EU Delegation to Georgia 2009

imgII PUBLICATION Taxation of goods imported to the European Union market

List of the legal documents used in the brochure

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img (1)I PUBLICATION Exporting to the European Union market – Specific issues

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Commission on GSP+